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The Sun Blaster bulbs and other FHD products are, what it looks like, only available at WebHydro.com. Even though the site might not have all their products, they are available. Anything that Future Harvest Development offers, WebHydro has available!

Sun Blaster Nanotech T5 Reflectors

SunBlaster's NanoTech T5HO Reflector

This reflector produces more light, spreads it wider across the plant canopy, deeper into the plant foliage, without consuming any additional power. Promoting fast, rigorous growth!

SunBlaster Lighting engineers redesigned the T5HO's to accept this ingenious reflector that requires no clumsy mounting hardware, it simply snaps on. Truly made for each other.

SunBlaster Lighting introduces a new dynamic duo. The reengineered T5 High Output Self Ballasted Lamp & the NanoTech T5 Reflector. The most advanced T5HO lighting system available today.

The end result? You will grow even bigger, healthier plants faster!

Check out these bulbs and more at WebHydro.com
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