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  1. S

    Heat and misting

    Is it safe to mist my plants if it is extremely hot & humid and sunny out.
  2. A

    First time grower

    What is best outdoor or indoor? What are the best outdoor seeds to grow?
  3. DeanB

    Does she look like she's going into flower?

    Hi there, I ran out of space indoors so I had to put this plant outside 2 weeks ago. The weather the first week was sunny over cloudy. This past week it's been mostly cloudy over sunny and the night time temperatures has been down into the mid to upper 50's and daytime 70's.
  4. I

    What To Do On Cloudy Days? - Outdoor Growing

    Was just wandering if it would my affect my plants alot if the weather is cloudy? Will they stretch? Please help me out guys ! -Jordan :)
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