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  1. Day 9 VEG: Aye Papi & Red Hot Cookies

    Day 9 VEG: Aye Papi & Red Hot Cookies

    Aye Papi #1 & #2 in the back Red Hot Cookies #1 & #2 in the front
  2. All of my seedlings

    All of my seedlings

    1 Red Hot Cookies fem from Sweet Seeds, 1 Black Sugar fem from Seedsman, and 5 of my Peabody reg.
  3. Red Hot Cookies

    Red Hot Cookies

    Red Hot Cookies from Sweet Seeds
  4. North Atlantic Seed Co

    North Atlantic Seed Giveaway Time - 3 Winners!

    🔥Giveaway time!🔥 We wanted to do a giveaway to say thanks to the 4/20 community! 🍃 Enter for a chance to win a pack of seeds from North Atlantic Seed! We wanted to highlight our fellow sponsors here at 4/20 that happen to be breeders we carry, 💫So we are giving away a pack of seeds to 3...
  5. N

    Nick Hardy's Skunk Works #2 The Giant SIP Outdoor Soil: Thailand!

    Aww shucks. Mostly @Jon - your suggestion Its your fault So the SIP is nearly built and the seeds are in a bag. Title is self explanatory but build and strain deets to follow. This is a 120L SIP built out of a trash can that I’m going to veg on one balcony and flip by moving her to another...
  6. Sweet Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)

    Sweet Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)

    Little Sweet Cream Auto from a long while back. Cyco Platinum series at 1/4 - 1/2 strength. Grown in coco coir under a hlg 300 and an apollo 600w blurple LED
  7. Melville Hobbes

    A Devil In A Lemon Grove

    Happy Beltane! A great day to start my Summer grow journal! This year I'll be growing one photoperiod and 3 autos in soil. The girls will be started in my 60x120x200cm tent under my @ViparSpectra XS2000, and from there things get different. The photoperiod plant will be grown straight in the...
  8. Nev

    Nev Keeps It Simple While Watching His Grass Grow

    I guess I will go it again here with my 2nd Auto tent grow. I took the liberty to get it up and going so let’s see what becomes of it. 2x4 tent SP3000 Marshydro LED 5gal fabric pots 1) 9” fan 1) 6” fan 6” carbon filter and inline exhaust fan 1) 4” inline duct fresh air fan 3) temp/hydrometer...
  9. TriangleCheese

    TC's review of the Tropicana Poison F1 fast version from Sweet Seeds

    Hi there folks, I've been growing this strain for almost a year and I'm pretty happy with what I'm smoking right now. Thought it would be better if I share some insights here. One of my friends started growing last year and his second plant was this huge ass 4 month vegged Tropicana Poison. He...
  10. Dragoond2

    The Tents

    Hey everyone, Welcome to our tents, I say our tent because this will be a side by side grow. Two different tents, two different states, same strain from same breeder. So this is not going to be an expert grow oh no this is two grows from two dumbs with time and some money. We are still...
  11. 03185061-292A-4BFA-B6FC-7781E0800382.jpeg


    Dark Devil Auto from Sweet Seeds
  12. T

    Atreum Lighting Sponsored Grow Tent, Featuring GG4 S1, Slurricane IX & Many Others!

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! Our magazine sponsor, Atreum Lighting has decided to ship me their 600W ARA-6 LED Light Bar Fixture to set up shop in one of my 4.5'x4.5' grow tents and journal for all of you to see their product in action and its results. "ARA-6 is a...
  13. Ganjagrandaddy

    Sweet Seeds XL Autos, Sweet Cheese, Amnesia Haze & Gorilla Girl Fun With Ganjagrandaddy

    Welcome to this run with 3 Sweet Seeds auto xl strains to enjoy trying. (more later..) Having enjoyed a previous run of Autos and hitting my career best yield doing it!!, I decided another auto run was worth a go. I was fortunate to be in contact with Apolo from the new sponsor here, Sweet...
  14. 20200929_135232.jpg


  15. ch33ch

    Red Hot Cookies & Sweet ZkittleZ, Sweet Seeds

    Not done a journal on here for quite a while so thought i'd do another for the sake of it. So im running sweet seeds Red Hot Cookies and Sweet Zkittlez. This journal will have a pretty quick start as i am already a chunk of the way through veg. They are planted in 10l air pots with coco...
  16. The Vault

    Sweet Seeds: Super Offer at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

    Buy 3 Sweet Seeds get 5 Buy 5 Sweet Seeds get 9 Read more about this offer and get a 15% discount on all Sweet Seeds at Sweet Seeds - Super Offer at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Sweet!
  17. IMG_20200131_065514.jpg


    Still burping dark devil auto got it down to 64-65% soon ready for jar seal and burp week then seal .
  18. IMG_20200126_162057.jpg


    Dark devil autoflower
  19. IMG_20200114_204220.jpg


    Dark devil auto Wow can't wait to try her what a Terp and dark black red to her. Took @stoneotter s advice and chopped early as sativa dominant
  20. The Vault

    Sweet Seeds: Bonus Freebies at The Vault

    Another sweet offer from our buddies over at Sweet Seeds ® Buy ANY pack of Sweet Seeds ® and get a Dark Devil Auto for free! Read more and get a 15% discount code off all Sweet Seeds ® at Sweet Seeds - Bonus Freebies at The Vault
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