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  1. N

    Thc syrup infuse

    I’m looking to make THC Syrup with flowers I have experience with making edibles but none infusing a syrup, so as much as it’s a silly question as I know THC only binds with fat and alcohol, will I be able to infuse corn syrup? I have access to vegetable glycerin which I could add in with my...
  2. Ron Strider

    Kick Green Tea Up A Notch - Cannabis Recipe

    Loose leaf tea is the most common method of preparation around the world, unlike in the western countries where teabags are the primary choice. It seems like we will do anything to avoid having to wash a dish out here. In that spirit, pre-batching a flavored syrup for your enjoyment is a time...
  3. Bacondoggy

    King syrup for molasses

    I see many people use Blackstone molasses. Where do you get that and how much is it? King syrup has NO sulphur or shul per dioxide in the which is good. But it has corn syrup in it, is that okay?
  4. E

    Hello there.

    Hey there, new user here, figured I would try out the forums. First to test this site out we should like ask questions, get to know each other, my first question has anyone ever had a small bubbler and used warmed 100% pure maple syrup as the filter liquid. (Its actually really good, if you do...
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