t5 fluorescent

  1. nooberson

    New Guy

    Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to this site although I have been lurking and reading your posts for a while. Kinda creepy huh? Lol anyway I have learned quite a lot from reading through your posts and experiences so I thank you for that! I do sheet metal work and am pretty handy fixing...
  2. ChocolatChunk

    A Small DWC - Two Coco & Perlite Plants Under A 6 Bulb Badboy T5

    Hello everyone, as the title says I am going to put together this here journal to show you all what can be achieved under fluorescent lights. I'm going to post pictures after the initial start is complete. I tried starting a journal last week, wrote so much information down and went to upload...
  3. I

    1st time grow with T5 on scrog

    So I'm about to start my first grow. I will have a space 2ftx4ft and 4ft high, I'm going with a SCROG setup, and am thinking about using T5 fluorescent. The one I'm looking at will fit perfectly as it's 47in by 22in and holds 8 T5 tubes. I've been doing some research and think this will work...