t5 fluorescent

  1. Group shot

    Group shot

    1,2,3,&Krinkles Side view
  2. Under the artificial sun!

    Under the artificial sun!

    My T5HO 2,000 lumens 6500k HD lamp, with reflector on an upside down 15" diagonal tray (to keep it off the ground)
  3. Blondhottie

    Third Grow! Purple Moby Dick

    Gonna try these out since growing in Canada is legal. Im going to keep the progress. I will be growing them in my closet in my apartment. I have white and black drop for it, again T5s which i have been extremely successful for me, i have my peat pucks and everything i need! I am super excited...
  4. nooberson

    New Guy

    Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to this site although I have been lurking and reading your posts for a while. Kinda creepy huh? Lol anyway I have learned quite a lot from reading through your posts and experiences so I thank you for that! I do sheet metal work and am pretty handy fixing...
  5. ChocolatChunk

    Completed A Small DWC - Two Coco & Perlite Plants Under A 6 Bulb Badboy T5

    Hello everyone, as the title says I am going to put together this here journal to show you all what can be achieved under fluorescent lights. I'm going to post pictures after the initial start is complete. I tried starting a journal last week, wrote so much information down and went to upload...
  6. I

    1st time grow with T5 on scrog

    So I'm about to start my first grow. I will have a space 2ftx4ft and 4ft high, I'm going with a SCROG setup, and am thinking about using T5 fluorescent. The one I'm looking at will fit perfectly as it's 47in by 22in and holds 8 T5 tubes. I've been doing some research and think this will work...
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