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    Piece of the 2018 harvest--Tangie and Kosher.
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  3. JayCseed

    Tangie - 400W HPS & 300 MarsHydro LED - Soil - First SCROG

    First time making a journal so bare with me on this one:thumb: Growing some Tangie from clone that my father in law picked up for me. Growing in my own mix of soil. 3 parts Fox Farm Ocean Forest 1 part Dr. Earth Organic potting soil. With a healthy mix of earthwork castings, and Bat guano...
  4. Jackalope

    Room grow

    Here is the room and its major players room Motown Tangie Headband Wreakage
  5. DobeWan

    DobeWan's First Grow! LA Confidential & 24K Gold - LED - 3x3 - Coco

    Hey everyone! :welcome: to my grow journal, hopefully something here piques your interest and you stick around for the ride! I use cannabis to treat my IBS and have had some real successes, but I've had trouble staying supplied with what I need. So I decided to grow my own. This will be my...
  6. Jackalope

    Tangie Grow

    If you are looking for a day to day grow journal this is not it. Tangie is one of the new up and coming super strains. The same strain from 2 growers that take 1 and 2 in a cannabis contest says all that needs to be said. I got the Crockett Farms Tangie because of all the old smash weed buds...
  7. Partimus

    Skywalker x Tangie 315 Watt CMH

    Hi Everyone, I have some skywalker x tangie growing at the moment that I thought I would share. It was a rocky start with this lot, I made some errors and got carried away with additives and things and burnt the poor things. At the moment, things are as follows, Strain: Skywalker...
  8. PacificPeach

    PacificPeach's 2nd Grow - Auto Narcotic Kush - Afghan Kush & Tangie

    Seeds: 1 Narcotic Kush Auto, 2 Afghan Kush Auto, 1 Tangie Auto. I'm using Perlite mixed 50/50 with organic compost. I will use the Fox Farms Trio. My grow tent is 2x2x5 ft and I have one 300 W LED light. One of the Narcotic Kush popped yesterday! Last time I used 2.5 gallon...
  9. arellanobrian

    Tangie & Green Love Potion Coco Grow - Mars Pro - RX Green Solution Tester

    Strian: Tangie By DNA Genetics/ Green Love potion By Sam Sara Seeds Grow Medium: 1 Part Cyco Coco + 3 Parts Used coco/perlite mix Pot Size: #5 nursery pots Lights: MarsHydro Pro series Epistar 160LED and 144x5 Reflector Both strains are currently at day 35 of flower Nutes: RX...
  10. N

    New grower - Hydro or LED? Budget $1300

    space 4.5lx2wx2.3h (in meters) i currently have 3x 600 watt hps 1 200mm inline fan 3 oscilating fan im looking to increase my yield with a buget of 1300 bux US either hydro or a new led 1k watt. i have never used led or hydro. i also dont have a vege room (but space is no problem)...
  11. N

    SA NZ - Multi-Strain Guerrilla Grow - Kosher Tangie - Holy Grail Kush - Cookies Kush

    i am going to start a journal i can only keep updates twice a week. i have mucked up a bit no dehumidifier set up 3.2m x 1.4m lights 3x 600watt hps cheap soil. nutes floralicious plus, flora nova grow an bloom, earth juice catalyst 1 ounlet 20mm inline fan 10 clones 10 seeds all clones...
  12. LapRocket


    Hello all! This is my first grow. I live in a legal medical and recreational state. I've 2 plants that I started from seed, (regular), Kosher Tangie, and 4 clones I purchased, Gorilla Glue #12. It's a hybrid of Chernobyl and GG #4. I had the Tangie in veg for 3 weeks before I introduced the...
  13. BonzaSeedBank

    Kosher Tangie - Pure Gold - From Bonza Seed Bank

    This is the best Gold I've seen: DNA Genetics 24k Gold (aka Kosher Tangie) Feminised Cannabis Seeds Also, PM me for questions David :Namaste:
  14. P

    Tangie vs Tangerine Dream seeds

    Feminized tangie Reserva Privada seeds vs Barneys farms tangerine dream feminized seeds. Basically is the huge price difference worth it to go with Reserva Privada? ... 1 . 2 . 3 . GO!
  15. B

    DNA 24K Roll Out Drum Roll Please!

    What's up everybody so this is my second post I am in a med state I do have over ten years of growing expertise long time lurker figured its time to share some of my experiences and knowledge and couldn't be more excited to roll out my grow journals then with DNA Genetics 24K this strain is...
  16. Dankroots619

    Waterchilled 8 Gallon DWC - Tangie - SolisTek Double Ended - Newbie

    Hello fellow growers, been growing on and off for some time now, always wanted to take a shot at some DWC goodness and finally took the plunge. This is a test run for the new system to kind of get a feel for things. Currently building a DIY UC 4XL system. So lets get rolling :420: Setup Sun...
  17. Whitehammer61

    1000W Double-Ended - 4x8 Gallon RDWC - 5x5 Gorilla Grow

    Hello fellow growers this is going to be my first documented grow. Been growing on and off for sometime now. This is going to be my first run at dwc. Pretty excited to share my grow with my fellow growers. Always learning new things and ready to learn more, so please feel free to throw your...
  18. H

    H1gher3's - Soil - DNA Genetics Tangie - Grow Journal - 2015

    4x4 Grow Tent 1 PlatinumLED P450 1 1000w Nanolux digital balast powering a Hortilux HPS 1000w bulb @50% 6" Badazz Blower inline fan hooked up to HPS 8,000btu(I think, can't remember exact)portable a/c outside of tent now with half duct off and ran into tent. Pots- 5gal smart pots Soil-...
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