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  1. E

    Leaf spots

    Hello all, I'm on my second round of growing at the minute, so am pretty much a newbie. I learned a lot from my first grow, and from the advice given in these forums. However, one of my plants has got me a little concerned, and I haven't been able to identify the problem. I would really...
  2. F

    Will silica harm the bennies?

    Hey guys, I cant seem to find the answer to this question.. I have a bottle of mad farmers "organic" Silica. This leads me to think its okay to add to a tea? I have been doing weekly teas on my girls and they love it so I would hate to destroy the soil life. Any ideas?
  3. Cannabliss89

    Compost Tea Recipes

    I've been researching more about compost teas recently and there is a lot of information out there and everyone has their own recipe or that one ingredient that makes it their own. I made this thread so people can share their recipes and discuss what works best for them. There are many different...