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    Ink Bird controller keeps temp at 75º
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    Blew Hiller Winter Grow 2020
  3. T

    Growing on the equator

    growing in Bogota Colombia, high altitude, temps 46 night 70 day. to cold at night? heat blanket maybe for the night? Outdoor patio grow in big pots. I'm very new to the forum thing so sorry in advance if I did this wrong. I have grown in the past several times, living in PA it was always...
  4. W

    Outdoor temperature control

    I have been thinking about flowering outdoors. I live in a climate that has 85-100F w/ 70-100% humidity (day) and 70-85F w/ 70-100% humidity (night) March-November. Light times are around 14/10. December-February it is 70-85F w/ 50-100% humidity (day) and 50-70F w/ 50-100% humidity. Light times...
  5. closetcasecfl

    Cheap and easy grow room heater with thermostat

    So I was trying to figure out a way to raise my grow room temp a bit. Its winter here now and my room fell to almost 10deg lights off. My plan was to use a incandescent light bulb as they get really hot, but they emit light. To stop the light I built a steel box out of sheet metal and placed a...
  6. lele

    Growing with a 600w MH still in seedling stage I need advice...

    My seedlings looked like they had stretched a bit so I moved the light closer, now the bulb is 19inch from the tallest. I have one fan and I'm aiming it at the bulb not the plants because I didn't feel happy when they were being blown around too much while so young. I'm worried its too hot in...
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