1. rillos

    What strains are we growing this year?

    :420:Just wondering what everyone is growing before I decide on my next grow. :thanks:
  2. F

    Lights out

    I'm starting a preharvest flush tomorrow what do you folks recommend for lights out prior harvest. Thanks in advance for your time
  3. D

    Fertilizing clones

    Greetings brothers and sisters! My question is... how soon do i start feeding nutrients to my clones? Thanks
  4. S

    AN pH Perfect

    Can someone tell me me f the ph perfect grow, micro, and bloom line from AN are organic? Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    Hello from this newbie !

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, GOD BLESS. I'm new to this forum and would like to say HELLO and good JOURNEY to all. started 2 years ago with medical marijuana prescription and just receiver my Canadian ACMPR ( GROW YOUR OWN LICENCE) Been in the process of starting a grow room and getting together...
  6. S

    This hermies?

    do you think this is hermie and if so best course of action? thanks guys......
  7. B

    Gender issues - Is it a boy?

    Hello everyone, This is my first grow. It's the second day of 12/12 time schedule and this guys started to appear yesterday. Can you help me to determine the gender? Thanks
  8. N

    New member

    Hi all New member here, just looking to where to post for advice and help? (looking for help in rockwool) Thanks
  9. D


    Just wanted to say that I ordered some Night Queen made by Dutch Passion from Seedsman and they got here in 8 days. I never had seeds get here that fast. Thanks for the quick shipment Seedsman can't wait to grow them out.
  10. S

    Thanks for the add

    Hello, I'm a new member from Ohio As of September 8, 2017 MMJ is legal in Ohio. Time to get the hang of this. Thanks for the add.
  11. CHED

    Snid & Ched's Bogus Journey - The CBD Chronicles

    :welcome:Come on in!:high-five: Welcome to the late start to our photo journey. Due to life and lack of time, this may not be the most happening thread but we'll try to keep it going as good as possible. Like my past few runs I will be using my general organics go box in combination with...
  12. D


    Is there a cooking or recipe forum here? Thanks
  13. Why Doe

    Where to sell equipment?

    Other then eBay are there any specific sites or fb groups that I can sell used equipment? Thanks!
  14. D

    Why no Recreational section?

    This site rocks...first and foremost. Thanks for the resource!!! But we now have what, 8 states that have Recreational? Any plans to add a section dedicated to that? Maybe I missed it...I searched. :thanks:
  15. cbgb

    Basic watering?

    hey 420, hope all is good..... !!! what is the correct way to water a seedling ? 5 days old , fem indica, la kush x purple punch, cfl grow / soil ... photo taken on day 3....... on 10/12 i placed the bean sprout in soil and gave each seedling a (gallon size) capfull of ph balanced...
  16. S

    Hello all

    can someone please tell me what is wrong with this plant. I recently moved it to a General Hydroponics 66 with a flora grow solution at the weakest strength. The ppm is 900 or so, ph is 6.0, water temp is around 70 and the air temp is 75. I appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks
  17. Brewer

    Growing for seeds

    hello folks, need a question answered from a seed person please. I just popped my last 3 seeds from a really nice pink candy pheno, they are reg seeds, and I cant get anymore. if, out of my last 3 seeds, one is a male, how possible is it to pollinate a female, and keep this strain in my...
  18. 420

    Special Thanks & Please Welcome Chris Scorpio To The 420 Staff

    Please join us in welcoming @Chris Scorpio formerly known as Scorpio420 to our staff as Spambot Patrol. :cheertwo: Chris's spirit of volunteerism is inspiring and without the commitment of members like him, we would never be able to continue in our mission. He has been a great addition to our...
  19. agrlhasnoname

    Trouble with lights and my brain

    Hello all, I have been thinking a lot about setting up an indoor grow system for a while now and have been trying to research... but no matter how much I read I don't think I'll ever figure out who Kelvin is and what he does with his watts haha. I was wondering if a 450w led light would be...
  20. ericstien

    New Member

    Hello to everyone here , Am Stienkraus from Los Angeles and am a new member here. Firstly I'll wanna say thanks to the administrators of this forum for letting me into your world of amazing people and super ideas about marijuana. I work for Tommy Chong, am here to make new growers with better...
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