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  2. TheFertilizer

    Staggered ventilation - Timers versus thermostat

    Does anyone use thermostat to regulate ventilation instead of a timer? I am wondering how to get the thermostat to still kick in at night when the temperature stays low, otherwise the plants will just sit in a stuffy tent. I am trying to do an active exhaust/passive intake setup so I think...
  3. T

    Question about regulation temperature inside grow tent

    Hi I am running a small grow inside of a 1.5x2.5x3ft lighthouse hydro grow tent. I am using 1x300w Galaxy hydro led. I am trying to figure out ventilation. I was thinking about going with an AC INFINITY thermostat fan controller to power the intake and outtake fans? Would this be a good idea...
  4. T


    Any help would be appreciated. I converted a dehumidifier into a water chiller for my rez. Works perfect. It chills way beyond the plants needs. My problem: can't seem to find the sweet spot in the humidity dial to get to my desired temp. Ive mico adjusted it to the point i can't adjust it...
  5. closetcasecfl

    Cheap and easy grow room heater with thermostat

    So I was trying to figure out a way to raise my grow room temp a bit. Its winter here now and my room fell to almost 10deg lights off. My plan was to use a incandescent light bulb as they get really hot, but they emit light. To stop the light I built a steel box out of sheet metal and placed a...
  6. closetcasecfl

    Extremely cheap DWC water cooler controlled with a thermostat.

    A real cheap and easy way to cool your DWC water temp and keep it constant. A water pump pumps warm water from your bucket into the fridge. In the freezer is a spiral tube to get as much surface area possible for good heat exchange. The cooler water then gets pumped it back into your bucket...
  7. C

    Converting a heating thermostat to a cooling

    Hey everyone! I bought a Honeywell 'baseboard heater thermostat' so activate the fans in my grow cab. Buuut then I realized that this thermostat only engages when temperatures 'drop' below a certain point. Any creative folks out there know how to use this thermostat to work my fans? Somehow...
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