1. ptk2k

    Rubbing alcohol OK for cannabis?

    I have 10 ladies in 5 gal buckets outside and they all seem to have thrips. this has been going on for a few weeks. i’ve used a bunch of neem, some captain jacks spinosad and a bunch of essential oils to try and get rid of them. these definitely keep numbers down and i don’t notice nearly as...
  2. Insanity566

    Help me with thrips!

    so just found out that i have thrips. any advice to take care of them. i have already started neem oil applications. did some defoliation as well.
  3. W

    Novice Grower Needs Help

    Whitewitch's 3rd attempt at growing Blueberry which I think is an indica/sativa blend. Hash Plant is indica. One plant each. Vegetative stage 30 days Indoor 18 x 24 inch cabinet Soil Fox Farms Ocean Breeze with earthworm castings and bat guano. 18 oz solo cups-red 1 light, 200w CFL...
  4. onewarmguy

    Thrips and or something else?

    Hi all, hoping somebody can steer me in the right direction. I'm about 3 weeks into flower the bud sites are starting to produce trichomes, and I'm pretty sure that I'm having a problem with thrips that I'm trying to treat with insecticidal soap (2% solution and yes I'm spraying both sides of...
  5. B

    Thrip pests

    Snipped off most large sucker leaves and disposed of. Thrips seen when I shake the plant. Only two or three thrips so not infested. I kill thrips when I see them but no sign of nimphs.
  6. S

    Thrip Problem In Flowering Stage

    Hey folks, well I'm in my 4th week of flowering and noticed an issue on my leaves. After inspection I found Thrips on the bottom of some leaves, there's barely any but I know how quickly they can become a problem. I went out and got some Monterey Garden Insect Spray ( Spinosad) to kill...
  7. V

    Thrip control in Canada

    Hi, I've got about 5 plants in my grow room with 1 600w mh lights and dehumidifier set to 50% rh... I've had a problem with thrips since the grow began and just want to get rid of them, I have sticky yellow pads which is getting most of the adults but the infestation is fair a lot of small...
  8. Gandolf The Great

    Help! I Think I Got Thrips!

    Help! I woke up this morning to my plant leaning over near the top. As I was propping it up I noticed this jumping flying insect in the back. I killed it. But then I noticed another. This one was kinda hard to kill. He jumped from plant to plant from wall to wall. When I did squish him he jumped...
  9. S

    Thrips 21 days into flower - Please help

    strains: fy9, alien og, and critical hog Fy9-sativa/indica(25%)/sativa(75% Alien og-Hybrid/Indica Dominant Critical hog- indica soil/Fox farm OF indoor x2 315 Lec's ph 6.3-6.5 RH varies havent got good at controlling this(first grow) 40-60 pest-thrips watering every 3-4 days...
  10. C

    Catapiller shit and thrip damage, to cut out damaged buds or not?

    my plants are about a month in budding and in the past few days they have been ravaged by these lil bastards and I have alot of damage and catapiller shits, I'm afraid if I leave it it will breed fungus and il lose my whole harvest pretty much. So I was thinking of cutting out all the damage and...
  11. C

    Malathion on budding plants

    I am growing outside in full California sunshine and unfortunately every catapiller and thrip around seem to be attacking my budding plants I sprayed malathion because I can't afford to lose this crop and the amount of damage was increasing too fast so I had to go nuclear and while I'm sure I...