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    Roots bruce banger day 11
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    Pulled trigger and up potted my cherry bomb tonight into 3 gal Will give her few weeks to build more roots then try to squeeze in flower tent .
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  6. T N L

    Transplant Day 1 Flower - CoCo Experiment

    Hypothesis: Adding a 1" layer of soil to the bottom of the container on the first day of flower will give roots space to grow for flower cycle Test: We took 3 plants that had all been in veg and had filled up there containers. Removed plant from container and added 1" of fresh coco to the...
  7. T

    Tokiwartooth's 1000 Watt Multi Strain Coco Grow - 1st Ever

    Hi guys. I'm completely new to 420 magazine just looking for tips here as I see lots of great feedback on these forums. I've grown once in the past in a closet with 2 45 watt LEDs. Obviously my results were subpar to crap. I have now built a 4x4x7 tent bought a 1000 watt light. Set up...
  8. flytier

    Nutrient Burn Rebound

    Here's a quick timeline of my White Widow, which had a close call with nitrogen in its early days. I wasn't aware of the dangers of enriched soil at the time, but I got it figured it out before transplant, so I amended it by diluting it with cheaper, run-of-the-mill dollar store soil and it...
  9. H

    When should I transplant? Solo cups to pots

    Hello, It's week 3 and 1 day since they broke ground (St. Paddys Day) I'm thinks of transplanting them tomorrow into 2 gallon containers for 3 weeks until final home of 15 gallons. I've also been under 4 philips led 5000k light bulbs for seedling but have a nice 12 cob led array...
  10. CannaKitty

    Transplant... Cheaper Soil On Top, Bottom, or Mixed in?

    Heyaaa... So I am posting this question outside my grow journal to try and get some opinions because I am transplanting to my final 18 Liter Pots (Just under 5 gallon) today. Last transplant before the flip in 10-14 days.. depends how effected they are by said transplant. I have used...
  11. O

    Nute burn, deficiency or transplant shock?

    So I transplanted 3 days ago into promix hp.i fertilized with general hydroponics flora series at their recommended dosage yesterday. My leaves aren't looking too great. Mostly bottom leaves. Does this look like transplant shock, nute burn or nute deficiency?
  12. veinz

    Auto transplant

    is it ok to transplant autoflowers one time from little 9*9*10cm pot to greenhouse??
  13. J

    Transplanting jiffy to a bigger pot

    Hello, I started a seedling inside a jiffy. It's already 5 days and the first leafs came out. It's 1 cm tall and I saw that a little root is sprouting out of the bottom of the jiffy. In which height I have to transplant it to a bigger pot? Does the jiffy needs to sprout more than one root...
  14. T

    LED grow problem

    So my plant was looking a bit unhealthy due to what I believe to be a ph issue. I flushed the soil with clean ph'd water and foliar fed. About 3 hours later I sprayed down the leaves with clean water to remove any I absorbed nutes here's a pictures just before the foliar spray And here she...
  15. F

    Watering after transplant

    If I'm transplanting clones into 7 gallon containers of royal gold pure coco. I'll generally just water them, in the 1 gallons, then transplant and water the coco to runoff the next day. Question is, am I shocking the plants at all by not watering the coco again immediatly after...
  16. A

    Flowering week 3 - Do I need to wait 3-4w every time I transplant with Ocean Forest

    Just ended second week of flowering kinda late but I really need to transplant I'm using 1 gallon pots and they're way too small I want to transplant and am using Foxfarm ocean forest soil and I know it runs kind a hot and I usually have to wait 3 to 4 weeks after every transplant with fresh...
  17. S

    Transplant shock or something else?

    I asked the Dispensary for clones for a hydro rig, what I got was in dirt and looked like they were well established. The guy said they were good for hydro but I am not so sure. This looks like transplant shock to me, but I could be wrong. Any advice on cause and recovery would be well...
  18. A

    Adding new soil to old plants & transplanting before flowering

    i have 5 plants in a small closet cfl set up all in 1/2 g pots , been in veg for about 1 1/2m and transplanted from solo cups with ff ocean forest about 4 weeks ago ... question 1 - since watering and spillage i've lost a few inches in my pots of soil / also didnt fill it to the top , was...
  19. cnile

    Transplanting coco & perlite mix - Falls apart! How to?

    I was looking at my little seedlings today and noticed the leaves pointing up all of a sudden. I guess some people call it praying. I thought that might be right, that they were all happy but i dont think it was. i couldn't stop thinking about why they were pointing up so much more than any...
  20. MickFoster

    Simple Transplant Question

    I usually use fem seeds but this grow I used regular seeds. I grow in coco if that makes a difference. I would like to start flowering in an 80oz. container to save on coco and as soon as the sex is determined, transplant to a 2 gallon bucket. My question is: Will this cause any type of...
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