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  1. 20210729_173310 Sour G.jpg

    20210729_173310 Sour G.jpg

    Sour G upcan
  2. 20210729_172539 Sour G.jpg

    20210729_172539 Sour G.jpg

    Sour G upcan
  3. 20210729_083555 CD-1 big gulp.jpg

    20210729_083555 CD-1 big gulp.jpg

    Candida upcan
  4. 20210729_082449 CD-1 big gulp.jpg

    20210729_082449 CD-1 big gulp.jpg

    Candida upcan
  5. 20210729_082218 CD-1 big gulp.jpg

    20210729_082218 CD-1 big gulp.jpg

    Candida upcan
  6. G

    Fellow Growers Help

    Good Morning everyone! I need your help! This isn’t my first time growing. I’m not new to the rodeo however I did retire for 3-4 years. My batch is 3 weeks in. Planted the seeds straight into soil. I keep a log of when I water and what my ph is at. Been keeping ph at a 5.4-5.6ish. 2 of my other...
  7. 20210410_120039 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    20210410_120039 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    Tin Can Kush, day 57
  8. 20210410_115805 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    20210410_115805 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    Tin Can Kush, day 57
  9. 20210410_115739 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    20210410_115739 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    Tin Can Kush, day 57
  10. 20210410_115720 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    20210410_115720 TCK 1 upcan.jpg

    Tin Can Kush, day 57
  11. Transplanted seedlings

    Transplanted seedlings

    Upcamned seedlings to pots.
  12. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    #3 Clones are ready!!!! All took
  13. White Widow- Seedsman

    White Widow- Seedsman

    White widow transplant from germination. She popped off her shell and was up and running in a matter of hours. Strong genetics I’ve seen thus far.
  14. Herrowpreeze

    Rooted clones going yellow

    Hey all, Its my first time growing clones, I bought them from a reputable seller and the came, although looking a bit sad pretty health and already rooted in rapid rooters As they were rooted already I transplanted them into 1l pots and gave a 50 kelpak water to start Its been 1 week and...
  15. CanadianBacon92

    Pineapple Chunk is drooping after transplant

    Ok so I transplanted my pineapple chunk seedling into a 3 gallons pot, My medium is Pro-Mix premium potting mix I watered it around the edges, the top leaves are starting to peel back up a bit, but the bottom leaves arnt, will she survive!?
  16. IMG_20200429_151119.jpg


    Zkittles close up water all pots about 500 ml of water as soil will hold more moisture so need to water less often .plastic holes pots.2 gal
  17. A

    Root damage during transplant

    Ok so I have this plant that was planted in coco coir in a 7l fabric potpla (plant is in veg). I noticed alot of roots going outside the pot and thought it needed a transplant. I cut one side of the pot and ''peeled'' the fabric pot of the soil and noticed that quite alot of roots were ripped...
  18. J

    Soil & Nutrient Question

    Hi all, First time grower and loving it so far. Here are my 2 Feminized AK plants that I germinated on the 27th of March and planted on the 29th of March. The smaller of the two had grown downward under the soil and I had to perform emergency surgery (I must have accidentally pointed the...
  19. 20200327_155603 AF-47 upcan.jpg

    20200327_155603 AF-47 upcan.jpg

    AF-47's upcan day
  20. 20200327_152838 AF-47.jpg

    20200327_152838 AF-47.jpg

    AF-47's upcan day
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