1. Ron Strider

    CO: Sick Man Brings Trash Bag Of Marijuana To Emergency Room

    He went into the hospital feeling under the weather. But he's probably feeling even sicker now after Lakewood police confiscated a trash bag he was carrying that was full of marijuana. And he might face criminal charges for it. A 49- to 50-year-old transient went to a free-standing...
  2. S

    Mold during curing - Trash or hash?

    So I had to cut drying short (3 days) due to a family visit. I knew the bud was a bit wet, figured I'd be looking at a slower cure 30-60 days (versus my usual 7-14) so I went ahead and threw them into mason jars. After about 10 days of burping the jars twice a day for about 15-30 minutes I had...
  3. H

    Can these be revived or should I trash these?

    so this is my 2nd batch/attempt to clone seemed to be going nicely just sitting in plain old tap water but i mistakenly left these sitting on the heater, which was off at the time. was watching the super bowl and didnt notice that the heat kicked on and within 5 mins or so i turn and find the...
  4. J

    Make-shift growbox

    Could a large trash bin be used as a growbox? I would like to modify a trash can with intake and exhaust, lights, and fans to use as a descrete grow box. I have a large pot for planting that will be placed inside the bin and still has a few inches in diameter of free space. The lights will hang...
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