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  1. Velk

    Blue Treacle Auto Strain Review

    this is my strain review for blue treacle this hybrid delight was fun to grow very strong and tough a very forgiving strain perfect for beginners great massive yeilds in a mad fast time majority was done before day 65 Strain Name - blue treacle From - feminised seeds When -...
  2. S

    1st Grow - 2 x Feminized Blue Treacle Auto

    I have 2 female blue treacle autoflowering. They are in 1/3 perlite 2/3 soil 12 litre buckets. 4x 35watt cfl 18 on 6 off. Temperature is 25-30 on and 15-20 off. Planted germinated seeds on the 31/10/16 Estimated 60-65 harvest. This is my first grow attempt so I am open to any helpful...
  3. M

    Lyres black treacle and overdrive

    Hi all I'm a Virgin grower using blueberry and would appreciate any advice or information on using black treacle and overdrive together. I'm just heading into week 5 of flowering and getting highly addicted to this new sport so please help.