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  1. NACnCO

    T4 Trimmer in Denver

    I've come into possession of like new Twister T4 Trimmer and I want to sell it. What's the Best way to Sell something like this in CO? Is there a Local Supplier who Sales used equipment? or should I just use Craigslist? Or is there some other option?
  2. J

    What is the best dry trimmer to purchase?

    What is the best dry trimmer to purchase? Thanks John
  3. W

    TrimPro Rotor & TrimPro Automatik

    For the upcoming harvesting season we're offering our best selling Trimmers; Trimpro Rotor and Trimpro Automatik at a discount. Buy your trimmer on sale with coupon code TP50 at WebHydro.com! You can't find these trimmers any cheaper!!
  4. W

    The Satellite Trimmer

    Check out our new $10k trimmer, now on sale for $8995. It comes with built in speakers :thumb: Satellite Trimmer by EZTRIM Description: 60-80% time savings Original coved grate Forward and reverse rotor action with adjustable speed Weighs 95 pounds Waterproof, fire-resistant transport bag...
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