1. Jae416ixside

    2nd Indoor Grow: Mars Hydro TS

    Starting my second grow in about a week or two just getting everything together, researching a little bit more since its been a couple years since my first grow. Will be using the MARS HYRDO TS SERIES LED Lights and growing two different strains. Ill be using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting...
  2. Virgin Ground

    VG After Dark Featuring Weedseedsexpress & Mars Hydro TS1000

    Hey y'all. Welcome to my Danktuary. I've been excited to start this Weedseedsexpress and Mars Hydro grow journal. Glad that you could stop by. For this grow I will be using... *Mars Hydro TS1000 * 2x2 Mars Hydro tent. * Geopots *Mega Crop one part ver.3 by Greenleaf Nutrients *Pro Mix...
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