VG After Dark Featuring Weedseedsexpress & Mars Hydro TS1000

Hey y'all.
Welcome to my Danktuary.
I've been excited to start this Weedseedsexpress and Mars Hydro grow journal.
Glad that you could stop by.
For this grow I will be using...
*Mars Hydro TS1000
* 2x2 Mars Hydro tent.
* Geopots
*Mega Crop one part ver.3 by Greenleaf Nutrients
*Pro Mix all-purpose
*AC Infinity 4" extraction fan and carbon filter
*9" circulation fan
* 3 strains from Weedseedsexpress

Note: I do not pH my nutrient mixes as I am using a buffered soilless mix.

A little info on the light....




TS 1000 150w Cover 3'x3' (90x90cm) quantum board full spectrum led plant grow light - Mars Hydro


  • mars_hydro_ts1000_led_grow_light.jpg
  • mars_hydro_ts1000_led_grow_light-par.jpg
  • ts1000_spectrum_led_grow_light.jpg
  • verage_full_spectrum_grow_lamp_for_indoor_plants-7.jpg
  • rage_full_spectrum_grow_lamp_for_indoor_plants-6_1.jpg
  • rage_full_spectrum_grow_lamp_for_indoor_plants-3_1.jpg
  • rage_full_spectrum_grow_lamp_for_indoor_plants-8_4.jpg
  • verage_full_spectrum_grow_lamp_for_indoor_plants-2.jpg
[Increase Yield&Crop Quality in Led Grow] Newest SMD Led technology provide the highest Par/Lumen output, makes you get 30% higher yield compare old led lights, can get up to 2.5g/watt yied.

●[High Efficiency Engergy Saving Plant Light] Only 150 watts true output with 342 pcs leds, more scientificaly and energy-efficient! Perfect for 3'x3' (90x90cm) veg stage and 2'x2' (60x60cm) bloom stage, higher intensity in a Mars Hydro grow tent.

[Sunlike Full Spectrum Led Indoor Growing] Infinite close to natural sun light, suit for all plants whole satges indoor growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower, achieve maximum quality and quantity, much better than traditional HPS grow systems.

[High Reflective&Noise Free Fanless Led Grow System] Quickly heat dispersing material aluminum reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increase the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom.
[High Reflective&Noise Free Fanless Led Grow System] Dual voltage, suit for large room and commercial setup, dimmer on the power supply easily adjust brightness by yourself.

This light gets a very nice review from Liam at Migro.

Now, shall we meet the ladies!?!?



Are you looking for a type of weed that stimulates and improves your sex drive? Check out our Sexxpot feminized seeds. These weed seeds simply develop into an attractive female Indica plant. Genetics is descended from Mr. Nice and contains on average 14% THC which is enough to prevent inhibition but will sharpen your senses. By smoking this weed, you experience a euphoric effect that will be expressed especially during intimate moments.
Feminized Sexxpot cannabis seeds
The cultivation of feminized Sexxpot cannabis seeds is very simple and therefore suitable for beginners. With only a flowering time of 7-9 weeks in an indoor cultivation, the plant will reach a height of 90 cm high and produces up to 1000 grams per m2. The plant feels very much at home in a temperate to warm climate. Outdoors the yield can even be more than 1000 grams per m2.
What is the effect, taste and smell of Sexxpot weed?
Although it’s common knowledge marijuana contains aphrodisiac, Sexxpot does a little better. Sexxpot delivers an energetic high which is rather unusual for an Indica and stimulates the senses in various ways. During smoking you experience a tingling sensation in your body. You feel more relaxed, your body opens up and brings you to the right mood for an exciting adventure. For many, the newly found freedom is already a complete excitement. Moreover, the weed enables both men and women to get an orgasm more easily. For women, this weed is therefore also called "female Viagra".
Flavors or Sexxpot weed
Sexxpot weed has a number of delicious flavors where you can taste the combination of nuts, skunk, coffee, berries, peach and fruit.
Fragrance or Sexxpot weed
The smell that comes from Sexxpot weed is sharp, nutty and earthy, but you also experience sweet notes of fruit.

Specifications Sexxpot feminized seeds
THC level14%
CBD level0.8%
VarietyPure Indica
GeneticsMr Nice
Max yield indoor750 to 1000 grams/m2
Max yield outdoor1000 to 1200 grams/m2
Height indoor80 to 100 cm
Height outdoor110 to 130 cm
Flowering time49 to 63 days
Fungal ResistanceHigh
CultivationIndoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
ClimatePolar, Temperate, Mediterranean
FlavorsBerry, Coffee, Nutty, Skunk, Peach, Treefruit
EffectsArousing, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Relaxed, Social
SOG suitableyes
SCROG suitableyes
I am the most excited for this girl. Seems like something right up my alley. I intend to give an honest review and will enlist the bf as a guinea pig. I mentioned that he would have to help me review this strain in particular. To which he replied
' Wait....What!?!?' He seems mildly concerned about his participation. I'll take it easy on him.:battingeyelashes:



Green Crack is a descendant and a cross between the genetics of the Afghani clone and the 1989 SSSC Skunk # 1 developed by the Super Sativa Seed Club. An absolutely unique strain that enjoys worldwide popularity. Are you curious why? Then read on, view the reviews and buy our Green Crack feminized seeds.
The Green Crack strain
Getting started with the feminized Green Crack seeds is easy. That said, it makes sense that this species is very popular among both the novice and the advanced grower. The plant requires hardly any attention and moreover has a fairly high fungal resistance.
The female plant develops a sturdy trunk in the shape of a Christmas tree with light green long thin leaves that can turn purple and blue during cooler temperatures. Moreover, the plant produces many large and also heavy buds that are richly covered with THC resin. A beautiful spectacle and an absolute feast for the eyes.
However, keep in mind that Green Crack seeds develop plants with a strong stature. This is especially evident during the vegetative phase and a point of attention when spaces are limited. Therefore many growers apply pruning techniques to keep the plant height under control and to create room for the flowering of the buds.
The Green Crack strain does well in warm, dry (Mediterranean) climates. The ideal harvest time is around the end of September when 75-80% of the pistils changed their color from white to brown / orange.
Flowering time
The Green Crack plant has become popular because of its fast cycle in combination with its large harvest. With an indoor cultivation harvesting is possible after a flowering period of just 8 weeks. Our Green crack strain has a strong odor during the flowering process. It’s therefore advisable to take measures.
If the vegetative phase is slightly extended, this plant can yield a maximum of 450 - 550 grams per m2 for indoor cultivation, but especially outdoor the yield can be amazing. In ideal circumstances a single plant can produce 1000 - 3000 grams of weed which is very extreme.
Green Crack its taste, smell and effect
Both the taste and the smell of the weed are described as intense and fruity, with pineapples, citrus and mango tones in particular prevailing. A wonderful weed for the true skunk enthusiast.
With its THC content of 18%, Green Crack weed is a very suitable weed for a party or during the day. The effect of Green Crack weed can be described as long-term and can best be described as cerebral, creative, stimulating but also euphoric. Exactly what you can expect from a Sativa dominant strain.
Note: with a high dosage, the effect may be accompanied by psychedelic sensations.
Specifications Green Crack feminized seeds
THC level18%
CBD level0.1%
Variety40% Indica / 60% Sativa
GeneticsAfghani x 1989 SSSC Skunk #1
Max yield indoor450 to 550 grams/m2
Max yield outdoor600 to 900 grams/m2
Height indoor100 to 200 cm
Height outdoor200 to 350 cm
Flowering time56 to 63 days
Fungal ResistanceHigh
CultivationIndoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
ClimateTemperate, Mediterranean, Arid
FlavorsFruity, Mango, Sweet, Tropical
EffectsEnergetic, Euphoric, Happy, Social, Talkative, Uplifting
SOG suitableyes
SCROG suitableyes
This girl will be sprouted in the near future. I'm waiting on a bigger space to flower her. She can get quite large from what I've read.



Charlotte's Web is one of the most famous CBD strains with a relatively large history. Not only in the USA, but also in Canada, Australia, South Africa, the UK and many parts of Europe.

The strain was developed by the Stanley Brothers from Colorado with the goal to create a strain with the highest possible CBD content which worked out very well. The analysis and lab results are amazing. Charlotte's Web genetics features a very low THC percentage while the CBD level is around 19%. This makes Charlotte's Web suitable for basically all purposes. Curious?

Buy your Charlotte's Web feminized seeds at Weedseedsexpress keep on reading to learn more!
Charlotte's web feminized seeds
The cultivation of this promising plant isn't very difficult with our Charlotte's web feminized cannabis seeds. Minimum experience is therefore sufficient. Although the parents of Charlotte's Web strain have remained a secret, Charlotte's Web is a beautiful Sativa dominant plant (60% Sativa) with clear characteristics from the Indica.
Flowering time
The Charlotte's web strain features a flowering time of 60 to 70 days and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The best results can be achieved with an outdoor cultivation where most growers harvest their plants around mid-October.
When the Charlotte's Web feminized seeds are used for an indoor grow, the plant will reach a maximum height of 120 cm, while an outdoor plant can grow up to 180 cm in height. As a result, the yields are slightly better compared to an indoor grow. For indoor cultivation, a maximum yield of 300 to 400 grams per m2 applies. Outdoors, the yield can reach up to 400 and 500 grams per m2.
Charlotte's web strain effects
Because of the low THC concentration and the high CBD content, Charlotte's Web cannabis isn’t an average weed. Psychedelic effects aren't noticeable which makes the strain ideal for adults who can benefit from the overwhelming CBD concentration.
The effect of the weed mainly focuses on the physical parts of the body. Because of this, most users feel very relaxed after ingestion. This is combined with an overall improvement of the mood. Other users indicate that they are better able to focus and feel energetic after consuming Charlotte's Web weed.
Taste and smell of Charlotte's Web cannabis
Charlotte's Web cannabis has a soft smoke, delicious flavors and smells that are loved by many users. Tastes for example, are those of pine, sage, lemon and citrus. The scents are a bit skunky, floral and will remind you of grass.
Other benefits of the Charlotte's Web strain
The astonishing CBD content of 19% makes Charlotte's Web one of the best cannabis varieties. It’s therefore not surprising that the Charlotte's Web feminized cannabis seeds are often bought by adults who suffer from various health problems.
The story: background information about the Charlotte's Web strain
Science is aimed at improving human health. However, in some cases science offers no solution. For example, when a treatment isn’t possible, no treatment is successful or when someone can’t be treated anymore. In such cases, an alternative method is often sought to achieve the desired results.
Charlotte's Web is a good example of this. The strain was named by the breeder as a tribute to Charlotte Figi. A young girl who suffered from Dravet's syndrome. By using the CBD of this strain, her epileptic seizures had drastically decreased and she became the icon of medical cannabis legalization.

Specifications Charlotte's web feminized seeds
THC level0.5%
CBD level19%
Variety40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Max yield indoor300 to 400 grams/m2
Max yield outdoor400 to 500 grams/m2
Height indoor50 to 80 cm
Height outdoor80 to 120 cm
Flowering time60 to 70 days
Fungal ResistanceMedium
CultivationIndoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
ClimatePolar, Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
FlavorsEarthy, Lemon, Pine, Woody
EffectsEnergetic, Focused, Happy, Relaxed
SOG suitableyes
SCROG suitableyes
With a ratio of 20:1 (approx) CBD to THC , she will be my main CBD strain in my garden. She will be the base for my meds. I have nerve damage from a couple of disintegrating vertebrae in my neck. This should help with my chronic inflammation.

Sexxpot and Charlotte's Web were soaked in tap and H202 for 24 hrs. They were planted straight into moist one gallon pots. They came up about 5 days later.

24 hrs later....

They spent the first few days of their lives under a small smd led board. I had intended to get them into the tent immediately , however I was sidelined by illness. My apologies.

Here they are at 5 days above ground.

They were finally moved into the tent yesterday. They are almost two weeks old.
They look pretty happy to me. Sexxpot, top. Charlotte's Web,bottom

And there you have the quick -n- dirty rundown.
Hope y'all are staying safe and are keeping a positive attitude.
vg is gonna knock it out the park. will be a great grow and solid journal as a starter for sure. :)
with all the upgrades i bet it's a show stopper.
First in the door! :high-five:
Happy to see you.
Looks like fun.

Glad you could make it Doob.
Always a pleasure..
Very cool line up and congrats on the healthy plants , count me in
Hope you are well.
I've seen some really healthy babies from @Weedseedsexpress. It was difficult choosing (except the Sexxpot) between all of their cool strains. The Serious Black they have is a stunner. They also have Harlequin, which can be difficult to find.
That's a huge yield expected off that Sexxpot, wow!
And here's to the varying effects of cannabis...I guess I've been giving my GF the wrong strains lol
Good luck with all of it, this will be fun to watch.
I've been told that sativas are the way to a woman's....ummm.... heart. That's what makes the Sexxpot a little different as she is heavy indica.
I first saw mention of Sexxpot when I started growing. I briefly looked for seeds and realized that there was a very small chance of ever getting my hands on any. Two years later, I checked out WSE's site after seeing Shed,Sauga and Stone running some of their genetics.
My jaw hit the floor when I saw that they had her.

Hey VG, Love the new setup and journal.

Damn I made it on page 1, how cool is that?
Very cool indeed.:hookah:
Learning to run a new light always has its adjustment period. Glad the TS1000 has an easily accessible dimmer switch. It should make it much easier to get good results.
Looks like it was made for a 2x2.
I do love new toys.
Hope to catch up with your journal soon. Just been uber busy and under the weather.
Just what you needed! :bravo:

OMG don't kill him.
I'm curious if it will have any effect on him. I already have a really high sex drive as it is. Poor fella.
He was concerned at what a review of a strain like this would entail. I assured him that it would be nothing more than what the cannabis community could handle.:battingeyelashes:
He mentioned that my statement was very vague and he is certain to have follow-up questions.

Hey VG that's one fine lineup!
I'm in :popcorn:
Welcome Rexer.
Glad to see you pop in. It's an understatement to say that I'm excited for this harvest.
I'm stoked:yahoo::slide:

:ciao: :love:

He's not quite the all-American male I thought of him as then!
I'll be honest......I'm exhausting. He's typical and I'm the exception.
A couple of short flowering plants will get that stash filled up nicely :).
I'll finally have some real variety. Smoking the same 3 strain every few months can be a bit boring.
Yeah, for the bf :cheesygrinsmiley:
:laugh::rofl: Once again....poor fella. The looks he has been giving me are hilarious ,as are the 'Oh,Lord!' and 'You've lost your mind,woman!' comments.
Can't wait to read this journal to him.
vg is gonna knock it out the park. will be a great grow and solid journal as a starter for sure. :)
with all the upgrades i bet it's a show stopper.
Highya bluter.:love:
Glad that you found me. I did leave a trail of crumbs though.
I like this little set-up. It's always a treat to have a fresh new grow area.
I'm actually upgrading the whole 'bud'oir.
It didn't feel very romantic in here with all of the clutter and drab walls.
It is already looking/feeling much improved and should give me some inspiration.
Still have a little work to do.
Highya bluter.
Glad that you found me. I did leave a trail of crumbs though.

oh i bee around all along lol buzz buzz ... :p
srs tho, much respect.

I like this little set-up. It's always a treat to have a fresh new grow area.
I'm actually upgrading the whole 'bud'oir.
It didn't feel very romantic in here with all of the clutter and drab walls.
It is already looking/feeling much improved and should give me some inspiration.
Still have a little work to do.

that little space is beautiful.
i love self made spaces. they are more prideful (?) .. like a good diamond that gets better the more it is polished.

you work to polish stuff up 40 carat.
WooHoo! Bring it V! Here we go!
Not sure why or how I missed quoting you,dear. Sleep deprivation perhaps??
Sexxpot huh? Checking off some boxes in the sensual checklist are we? Awesome V! Were there other cultivars on the list? Hehe, Love the line up! Been dying to run some Green Crack too. Go get em!
My son picked out the Green Crack. It was his first opportunity to chose a strain. He has ADD and a touch of depression and is hoping that the GC will help him.
It is also one of those strains listed to potentially amplify the libido.
oh i bee around all along lol buzz buzz ... :p
srs tho, much respect.

That little space is beautiful.
i love self made spaces. they are more prideful (?) .. like a good diamond that gets better the more it is polished.

you work to polish stuff up 40 carat.
You'll see the closet on here later. That is probably where the Green Crack will go. For now it's all in the Mars Hydro 2x2.
I still need to tweak a few things in the closet. Eventually it will either be connected to the Mars tent so they can share a carbon filter or I will get one for that tent specifically.
I still have a few upgrades that I would like to do down the road.
Forgot to invite @Weedseedsexpress and @SmokeSara to the journal.
:welcome: and :thanks:
I tried to invite Geopots but I don't think they have a rep with an account here.
Do love their pots though.:love::love::love:
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