Charlotte's Web Availability?

do you still have charoletts web or acdc clones? did you get any that tested near 20% cbd and low thc ??

To begin with there is not any real Charlotte's web seeds or clones out there anywhere. If some one says they have them, they are a liar. Joel Stanley stated that they have not released any seeds or clones to anyone, and if someone says they have some, they are fake.

As I said in a previous post I am not able according to the rules of the forum to sell or give away any seeds or clones. For someone looking for High CBD and Low THC I recommend looking at the Seed company sponsors on this site and look for;
a. Cannatonic
b. Avidekel
c. Rafael
d. AC/DC
e. Harlequin
Here are the test results. They all started vegging inside and were put outside to Flower. It is easy for me to do that without much stress on the plants as I have EBB and Flow Hydroponics both inside and outside.

As you can see the test results for the Fake Charlotte's Web are Very bad considering they are supposed to be High CBD and Low THC. I Think I may put my last 10 seeds into the bird feeder.

The best High CBD/Low THC is the AC/DC with the Harlequin coming in second best.
The next two I will be growing and testing are;
a. Cannatonic
b. Avidekel
Strain Results Tested On Access Photo External
Harlequin THC 3.93 %, CBD 8.77 %, CBN 0.0 %, Moisture 83.50 % 07 Nov 2014

C.W. THC 17.0 %, CBD 0.47 %, CBN 0.01 %, Moisture 7204.00 % 07 Nov 2014

AC/DC THC 0.46 %, CBD 12.24 %, CBN 0.0 %, Moisture 9.40 % 12 Sep 2014

CW-Charlotte's Web, THC 7.21 %, CBD 0.33 %, CBN 0.0 %, Moisture 80.80 % 04 Sep 2014
any luck with the 20 to 1 ratio high cbd clones ? im also looking for a sick son.

I just harvested what looks (and smokes) like the true AC/DC 20:1 phenotype of cannatonic. I will be lab testing it in the next week or two to confirm. I am in Oregon. I can then steer you to a legal dispensary where you can acquire this clone, and eventually to concentrates/oils made from it.
Only clones provide consistent chemical profiles; seedlings could be anything. People in poor health or providing to those in poor health need to not dick around with testing seeds. In most cases time is of the essence.
@Luxman is totally correct, find the cutting named "AC/DC" or ACDC. It is a elite cut of Cannatonic strain and better than Charlottes web. The cut is very easy to find in Cali or Colorado because it is a truly medical strain. Good luck!
I should correct myself. There is a clone only version of Charlottes web properly named R4 that has 20%THC 0% CBD and this clone is a little harder to get than ACDC. Any seeds called "charlottes web" are fakes. CW is a clone only strain, despicable greedy people are selling fake Charlottes Web seeds/clones to make money on sick people.
The shark shock died at about 1' tall. Was looking picture perfect one day and the next was leaves drooping and looking distressed.
It was on the end and I found the hose was kinked most likely from me moving the bucket over too far.
If you are doing Hydro/ebb and flow check your hoses daily. Also check your brain controller. If the float switches inside
stick or the "Drain" pump goes out it will keep the buckets flooded and in a couple days they will most likely be on the road to the dumpster.
I see that this post is from quite sometime ago but if still interested I run and own a growing collective in Washington St. Unfortunately by law I can only work with Washington patients but I do carry a few cbd strains including a Remedy pheno that tests at .48 thc and 14.02 cbd Remedy Greenhouse #2 Lot 001 | Analytical 360
and Remedy RSO at 3.4 thc and 67.6 cbd RSO Remedy Greenhouse | Analytical 360

Hope all is well and that you find what you need
Kevin @ hesperides collective

Where in Washington State are u? I'm in Spokane, how do I get a hold of u?
I am in the Monterey County, I too am in search of Charlotte' s Web. Come on people share the Health. Please let me know if you can help me,and all the other people looking .Blessings
I am in the Monterey County, I too am in search of Charlotte' s Web. Come on people share the Health. Please let me know if you can help me,and all the other people looking .Blessings

For the time being I would suggest stop looking for The Real Charlotte's Web. The Stanley brothers in colorado Springs are not letting any seeds or clones go out to the public. They have a monopoly and are not getting off the golden egg. Anyone's best bet is to find existing strains that have a relativly low THC and High CBD.
For now I am staying with AC/DC which is fairly easy to find seeds and clones. Look at the vendors on this site to see if they have these seeds.
I am only making Hemp Oil from it. Mine tested out at 10% THC and 20% CBD. I have been taking it three times a day for my Leukemia, which is now almost in remission and at Stage 0. Also I do not get high/stoned in any way from this mixture.
I will be making some Oil soon from Harlequin and Cannatonic, and some fake CW.
My preliminary test results did not look good for the fake CW. The THC was very high and the CBD was very low. I believe I posted some lab test results here in the past.
I will follow up later with the test results on the new oil i am making.
When I was triming the fake CW I collected 22 seeds and will use them later.
Anyone feel free to email me.
Thank s Joe I m going to stick with either the ac/dc harlequin or cannatonic . I dose daily and to sleep.I am so glad you are winning your battle.. woo hoo to health.I have faith in your plants. Keep going strong and You will be the one with the Highest CDB count. Blessing Lj
The next two I will be growing and testing are;
a. Cannatonic
b. Avidekel

Hi Joe, First, congrats on your remission! I'm new to everything in general but I've been doing a lot of research as I'm looking for a high CBD strain. I found Cannatonic seeds but I can't find Avidekel, ACDC, or Harlequin. Could you possibly help me out in where to look? I went through all the sponsors on the site.

Thanks for anything you can do!

Never mind! I just found it!
having a monopoly on a strain that can help millions looks really bad for the greedy owners of Charlotte's Web. im in the central valley ca and my sister is having seizures and needs Charlotte's Web asap. cant afford $400 per month for Charlotte's Web or whatever the cost is. etsy has cbd at 40% concentrate for sale but expensive. i will look for acdc or harlequin. if anyone knows where i can order some let me know thanks.
Actually, the owners of Charlotte's web have a store in North Hollywood. The 100ml bottle is only $250 with about $15 shipping in California. You can register on the main Realm of caring site and order the Hemp Oil supplement for shipping or pick up in North Hollywood. The bottle will last up to three months even if you use it three times a day. hope it helps. I know it is a long way but I can provide you with a Harlequin clone, or a Cannatonic clone. The cannatonic specs show 1.2% THC and 22%CBD. You need to have your doctors recommendation.
I am a medical user and I'm in need of a high cbd strain. Does anyone know how I could go about getting seeds or clones? I would be willing to donate a reasonable amount. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys:thumb:
You may want to look for the plants in the order shown.
a. AC DC
b. Cannatonic
c. Avidekel
d. Harlequin
e. Harle-Tsu Cross between Harlequin and sour Tsunami. supposed to be high CBD
Look at the seed company sponsors on this site.
P O Genetics have good strong clones and they insure they are disease free. I have used them twice and am very pleased.
As I said before, overall so far I like the AC DC. The THC was about 7% and the CBD was about 20%.
I take it three times a day and never get High/stoned.
I just made ounce of High CBD Hemp oil supplement from Cannatonic. I cut it with 50% Olive oil and sweetened it with Honey. It all mixes very nicely. I licked the spoon a couple times and did not get high.
So far the Cannatonic produces the nicest solid buds. Very impressed with them.
Flowering in my outside flower greenhouse in Frontier Ebb and Flow Hydroponics system.
I have ACDC, Cannatonic, Harlequin and Avidekel in either Veg or flower.
If someone can explain how to post some photos I will post all of the above.
I am doing some more looking into the Charlottes Web Pheno I acquired from a Canadian Hemp Seed company last year.
Two of my CW Pheno females developed some seeds and while triming the buds I got 22 seeds from it.
The same two Females dropped seeds and I have two very large plant volunteers growing in the dirt next to where the other females were.
It is possible some of the male's blew some dust and it impregnated my two ladies.
Had two CW Pheno types in my Aquaponic grow tray and some in the outside Greenhouse. They may have blown some pollen over to the Females before I recognized the two males.
Actually 7 out of ten developed to be males. I cut them all down and saved the stems, branch's, Pollen, and leaves. I use the material for Juicing with fruits and veggies.
Anyway I got two huge Females Volunteer CW Pheno Types growing in the dirt. They sprouted in Early Spring in April. Going to be fun seeing two grow outside in their complete natural growth cycle.
One is nine feet and the other is six feet and growing.
Looks like they are just starting to show early signs of flowering.
Just pruned the 9' plant yesterday and will get to the small one this weekend.
If Joel Stanley or one of the other Stanley Brothers reads this please post some photos of your Authentic Charlotte's Web plant. I would like to compare yours to mine.
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