Charlotte's Web Availability?

I will have some clones of both AC/DC and Avidekel in a few weeks.
I have an ample supply of "Like Charlotte's Web" clones available and willing to give them for free to qualified patients with Cancer, Leukemia or other serious illness's. Next week I will have each of the clones tested before I flower them or give them away. They are all numbered. Hopefully some of them have better ratios of CBD to THC.

When I was first diagnosed seven years ago with CLL Leukemia, some one on a local CL add site gave me what I needed to grow and make some oil. My Leukemia is in remission at stage 0 now. Jesus :thanks::thanks:
Praising God for your remission. My husband has CML. I would really appreciate more detail if you are willing to share. Thank you.
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