4x4 Tent Grow #4: Lemon Thai Kush & Green Crack CBD

I had the lens cap on with the pics above. These ones are clearer. The Green Crack CBD is ready to go. I'm hanging for the other 3, but I can't wait too long. It's very tempting to say they are pretty cloudy, but they can do better. These were taken from about half way down the plants from the interior of the pots. If I have to harvest the Green Crack by itself, I'll cut the top third of the other three at the same time.

The first one is Green Crack the second is Lemon Thai. Stoned. Mislabeled :smokin:


Day 107 - Bud wash and harvest.

The top COLA on a branch of the smallest of the Lemon Thai Kush has dry bud rot. I'd never heard of it. The top half of the COLA dried out overnight. By dried out I mean crispy to the touch. A couple of leaves sticking out of the COLA did this during the previous week. Overnight the leaf would completely dry out in a way that should have set alarm bells ringing. I thought it was just the finishing process.

The bottom half was fine. The top was dry to a depth of about a half inch. The stem was flexible. It didn't smell bad. It looked normal except that it obviously wasn't. I threw the whole thing out.

Bud Washing.

I used 4 buckets. The first was 6 liters with 3% H202 at a ratio of 1:3. The second was 5 gallons with a cup of baking soda and a cup of concentrated lemon juice. 3 and 4 were 5 gallons of ordinary water. I used H2O2 because of the mild PM that was treated about a month into flower (same plant with the dry bud rot) and the bud rot. I assume the spores were all over. I've run out of H202 or I would have sprayed and wiped down the inside of my tent before drying.

I had already cut off the fan leaves and a lot of the smaller leaves the day before. I gave them a further trim before dunking them. I started with the tallest Thai by cutting the branches in half and dunking them. All the others I cut the whole branch off. The process took about 3 hours. The water was pretty clean at the end. Cleaner than the last two times.


They are looking good. Average RH is in the low 40s with temps in the low 20s celsius. RH has been in the 50s, but mostly in the low 40s. The tent smells like drying hay.

Everything’s jarred up. I dried for 6 days and then cut everything into buds and put into paper bags. I opened those for an hour or so a couple of times a day. The I jarred. I did the Green Crack first and then the Thais a few days later. So drying was between 6-10 days. I’ve been burping twice a day. I’ll weigh everything up in a couple of weeks and give a smoke report. :nomo:
4th Grow Recap:

Time from seed to jar was 4 months and 1 week.

Weight after Cure:

Lemon Thai Kush – 342 grams = 12 oz

Green Crack CBD – 113 grams = 4 oz

Total – 455 grams = 1 lb

Plus an 1 ½ oz of sugar leaves and popcorn buds.

This is my 4th grow. It's similar to my 3rd weight wise. I thought i would get closer to 1 1/2 pounds. My 3rd grow was 4 weeks longer than this one, so there is that.

My biggest mistake was not aggressively cutting out leaves from the bottom 3rd of the plants about half way through veg.

I also want to hang a CO2 bag from the start of veg. I don't think my extractor fan was strong enough. It was much quieter and better built, but I think I'd rather more airflow. It was too weak to use the inductor fan. I had to open the vents at the bottom of the tent.

I'll do a smoke report in a bit and then close this out.
Lemon Thai Kush -

Head high. If you smoke to much, you'll be couch locked. Nice, but for a sensitive guy like me to be used sparingly. Less potent than Jack Herer, but still pretty strong.

Green Crack CBD -

Pleasant high and the minor aches and pains really just disappear. It seems to actually help with stiff joints for the following day.
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