4x4 Tent Grow #4: Lemon Thai Kush & Green Crack CBD


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The seeds.

Germinated 3 Lemon Thai Kush and 1 Blue Dream CBD from Humboldt Seed the week of the 14th October. I put them in two shot glasses of water overnight. In the morning I covered them in wet paper towels in plastic tubs with the lids lying on top. I stuck them in a warm dark closet and left them for a few days. On day 4 I moved 3 of them into cubes. The 4th one kind of got stuck. I gave it another 2 days and then moved it to the cube. Didn’t work.

Lemon Thai Kush by Humboldt Seed Organization is a multi-featured Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis strain. You will discover a high-yielding, fast-flowering hybrid with Haze flavour and aroma.

40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Haze x White Widow
Suitable for​
Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering​
60-65 days
Indoor yield​
400-600 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time​
Early October
Outdoor yield​
2000-3000 g/plant
Outdoor height​
2-4 m

The Blue Dream CBD didn’t get past germinating. It showed a small root, but that was it. I wrote to Humboldt who promptly answered and asked for a picture and explanation which I supplied. They responded that it was guaranteed within the first 90 days (I think that was it), but they wouldn’t replace it as it was free with the other 3 seeds. As a resolution he said to forward the email the next time I ordered and they would replace it then. Totally works for me. I’m growing once or twice a year. I germinated 2 Green Crack CBD instead.

Green Crack CBD by Humboldt Seed Organization is the result of many generations of meticulous selection using our long-evolved instincts backed by science and technology. The classic California Sweet Skunk, better known as Green Crack, is now available with high CBD properties.

40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Green Crack x California Orange CBD
Suitable for​
Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering​
56-63 days
Indoor yield​
400-600 g/m2
Outdoor yield​
1000-3000 g/plant
Outdoor height​
1-3 m

If you note the flowering times between the two, I should be OK. There’s about a week difference. I had always intended to grow the Green Crack CBD. Of what I've grown so far it's my hands down favourite. The Blue Dream CBD looked very good too. I’ll grow that one next time.

My plan is to grow 4 plants, which means I need to bounce the weakest of the 5 at some point. If there isn’t much of a difference I will pull one of the Lemon Thai. So 2 Lemon Thai Kush and 2 Green Crack CBD. This will be my 4th grow.

The Basics:
4x4 tent

Mars Hydro II 900w LED x 2

2 other weaker lights purchased in the beginning. They are great for initial seedling development.

Timer for the lights

5” extractor fan and filter

5” extractor (blowing air out)


Canna Terra Pro Plus medium


Canna; Rhizotonic, Boost, Cannazym, Terre Flores, Terre Veg, Canna PK13/14.

Vitalink Cal Mag

2 x Semlos PH meters and PH Up/Down

Temp/Humidity monitor
Day 46 update. Started Generative Period 1 on the food chart.

I switched to 12/12 on the 15th of November. Having read a bunch about it I thought I would start the stage early (4th week) to see what happens. I forgot to turn the bloom switch on. I probably should have started Gen 1 food as well. Noticed it on the 2nd of December. Idiot.

I found a gnat on one of the plants as I was watering today. I will water with Mosquito bits in a few days

I'm thinking flowers should show up next week. They look like they are trying. Now that they have the right nutes I think they will.

Not running the more red with the bloom switch on may limit stretch in the first two weeks of 12/12. I am running 6500K MH for my first 2 bloom weeks and, though 1st time strains, I think stretch was reduced.

I just finished a Green Crack from Garden of Green. It wasn't CBD, though. Fine product, lower yield.

Pretty girls!
Not running the more red with the bloom switch on may limit stretch in the first two weeks of 12/12. I am running 6500K MH for my first 2 bloom weeks and, though 1st time strains, I think stretch was reduced.

I just finished a Green Crack from Garden of Green. It wasn't CBD, though. Fine product, lower yield.

Pretty girls!
Hi. You have got to try the CBD version if you can. It’s a wonderful buzz. I also mix it with stronger weed. It puts rails on that keep you from colouring outside of the lines. :hookah:

Full nutes and sprinkled mosquito bits although there are no signs of gnats. Added another fan to the floor. All four plants are in flower. 2 girls have stretch 8" more than the other 2. I've raised the light for the lower plants to try and encourage more stretch. So far so good.

Out of a 1 month life cycle, you will have flies about 3 weeks after the first larva.
Thanks. Nice chart. I’ve had them before 2 grows ago. They were a nightmare to deal with, because I didn’t know what I was doing. I do now. I don’t think it was a fungus gnat, but anything flying in my tent is enough for me to go into panic mode. I’ve not used Mosquito Bits before. I normally buy Sciarid Fly Killer which are nematodes that love to eat larva and eggs. If I see a few flying around I will have to break out the bug spray, diatomaceous earth and sticky tape. Come to think of it I should put out some sticky tape now.
Day 77

I started the Generative II phase of the nute schedule on 29/12. Probably a week early. The addition of PK 13/14 caused the lower fan leaves to start bleaching by the following morning. The tallest Thai suffered the most. The others have all recovered. I doubt that it will have much of an impact. I used 15ml per 10l per the instructions. I read it more carefully and another option was to use 3ml from the start of flowering. I'll do that next time. The flowers are filling out nicely on every plant. They have all pretty much taken their final shapes. Two tall and two short.

Average Temps range between 75-85 and the RH between 40-55. I bought a dehumidifier which is keeping the humidity around 50 as a max and 35 as the low. It depends on how much water they all have left. I'm watering about every 5 to 6 days. They also seem to be puffing and overwhelming the air filter. I notice it in the AM about an hour or so after the lights have come on.

I got some new equipment without putting a lot of thought into it. When I connected the filter to the extractor it reduced the volume of air it was moving by half. The intake fan created positive pressure, so I dumped that and opened one of the vents at the bottom. That created negative pressure (not by much). I like the filter. It is super quiet. I think (hope) the air extraction is good enough. I've got two fans circulating on the floor to move air.

I'm thinking I have about a month to go. Nothing horrible has happened yet. Could this be the one that goes without any major glitches?

Here are some pretty crappy photos from today.

Day 92 above ground. I'm hoping I'll have harvest within 2 weeks, but I'm thinking it might be three. I found a hint of powdery mildew the other day and hit with some diluted 5% apple cider vinegar. I've continued to target spray as my paranoia gets the better of me. Having said that I know what I saw, so the spores will be all over. I'm doing my best to keep the RH and temperatures in the correct range and I have 4 fans bouncing air around in the tent. The extraction fan isn't as strong as I would like it. I'm pretty sure my biggest mistake was not defoliating the lower branches prior to flowering. Next time I wil DEFOLIATE THE LOWER THIRD of the plants. Nothing significant grows down there that is worth PM.

This shouldn't effect anything of note, but it does mean I need to add the H2O2 phase of the bud washing.

Mistakes so far:

Not calibrating my PH meter after the first month. It was reading low (I think), which caused a bit of purpling in the leaves. I narrowed it down to a molybdenum deficiency, which is a trace element mobile nutrient and/or more likely locking out of nutes because the PH was too low in general. I calibrated the meter and went to 6.1 with luke warm water. That worked, but the purpled leaves remained purple.

Not installing the heater in the tent during flowering soon enough even though I 100% know better.

Taping over the dehumidifiers LED, but not checking it carefully. It glowed from the inside. In my defense it was tough to spot even when I would stick my head in the tent during lights out and look directly down. I just haven't used it at night which is pretty stupid.

Not turning on the bloom lights until 10 days into flowering (I didn't notice).

Shitty job of topping and training. Next time I want to use the circular tomato trellises, or if I've got the time do it properly.

I think that's it. Not to shabby so far.
Watering without nutes before the final phase of feeding according to the chart. I didn't do a flush, but there was plenty of run off and the pots are very full. I think I've got the humidity and temperature under control, but the real test will be this evening when the lights go off. I've noticed there is an inverse relationship between humidity and temperature. The higher the temp, the lower the humidity. That seems to work within the 35-65 RH range. Anyone know why?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Lemon Thai Kush is named for the yellow pistils.

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