Gtx's First Grow: Indoor Soil 4x4 With BD, GSC & WW


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Hello everyone. As the title says, first grow for me. I already realize a few of my newbie mistakes. Please, feel free to point out my mistakes. I realize one mistake was using the fox farms soil straight , but haven't noticed any nute burn yet. I feel like I under watered, as I noticed drooping leaves. As soon as Michigan's legality hit officially, Dec 6th, I had my true north fem seeds in wet paper towels.
2 blue dream
2 Girl Scout cookies
1 white widow.
I plan on adding a few clones from an friend of a friend.
Here is the set-up:
4x4 gorilla tent with extention
California light works 550 with controler
Temps are between 72-78
RH is 49-55 by using a digital humidifier in the tent.
Tower fan in the corner, but not oscillating yet till they grow a little more, just using it for circulation.
Water ph set to 5.9-6.0
Soil is Fox farms ocean, straight( will mix with pro mix on first transplant
Adding pics from my phone


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Welcome aboard

pH is a bit low, want it around 6.2-6.6 it so

I used FFOF pretty much outa the bag, no real issues till I started adding nutes, just took time to learn that part

What nutes ya gunna use down the road
I don't see an option to edit my post to add info, so I'll do it here.
I'm running the light at these percentages:
Red 50, white 65, blue 99.
Light is 26 inches away.

Not sure what's going on here, but look at the blue dream leaves. They seem to be curling, like a propeller....more of a twist. This didn't get any better after I watered last night. A few of them seem like they have weak stems, wanting to fall over if moved.
Is it possible that I under watered, causing the root ball to be higher in the cup? Purplish stem an indicator for anything?
Truly amazing plants. Only a few days, and excellent growth. I was still having issues with curled/rolled leaves. I was also starting to see white at the edges, but since it rubbed off, I assumed it was water marks from misting. I stopped the misting, still had white on the edges.
Well, after reading some of Jorge's guide, I noticed a diagnosis close to mine, talking about salt buildup. I see zero indication of nute burn, so I that led me to PH.
Sure enough, my new PH gauge was grossly off, about 1.3 . I'm sure I was having some serious lock-out. Another lesson learned.
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