Alafornia Boards The WeedSeedsExpress With Harlequin And WWxNL: Others Hitch A Ride

Nice! Where’d that canopy come from?! Good work, mate. Looking right.

Once I get out of the way the girls just perked right up! :D
All aboard the WeedSeedsExpress flower tent!

Well, I got Wedding Cake and WWxNL mixed up on the description there. Sorry about that. Good to finally have these girls in flower. NL is in a smaller pot because I ran out of the others. I've ordered more, naturally.
I love the fact that we're back to getting lunch pics. A great sense of normalcy!

SLOWLY returning to a sense of normalcy, Shed. I have a few more pieces to move over the next little while to get there. It will never be the same and I wouldn't want it to be. Discard the bad and embrace the good, the way I see it.
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