Alafornia Boards The WeedSeedsExpress With Harlequin And WWxNL: Others Hitch A Ride

Good catch! I've been adding hot water to balance out the stuff that comes out of the hose these days. I'm glad they're turning around.


Looking better and better. Good idea on adding hot water.

Good save al!!

good to hear from you buddy!!

Good to see you! Hope all is well for both of you.
This is America, where everybody loves a comeback!

But what we really love is an unlikely hero who we then destroy because they are too big for their britches but then later in a nostalgic fit we bring them back so we can feel better about ourselves. ;) :D

But don't call it a comeback, I been here for (nearly two) years
Growin' with my peers, puttin' aphids in fear
Phoenix tears rainin' down like a monsoon
Goin' to virtual meetin's on zoom
Cannabis, overpowerin'
Over the rest, 420's towerin'
When we shop and then we drop
These seeds, it's legal here - so don't call the cops
Yeah, go on and stare
These girls better than concierge
Might have problems when the water is iced
But me and my friends gonna make it right

I'm gonna grow some weed (huuh)
Mama said grow some weed (huuh)
I know I've seen it done before but I can't recall where...bending those tall tops down and tying them to the top of the pots to make them half the height and spur new growth along the lower part.

Might be something to consider?

Planned on doing it but they were stressed enough that I wanted to leave them alone to recover. I'll probably feel comfortable doing some bending this week.
I finally did some bending and popping today since it seemed the girls had recovered enough to do it. They are at the ugly stage right now. By tomorrow they should be gorgeous. I expect to be able to go to 5 gallon pots next weekend and then this show will be back on the road. We’ve all had to learn to be a little more resilient this year, just like these girls.

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