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Heavenly Hybrid

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Hello all and welcome to the next round of HH’s gardening show. What better day to start a new journal than on the Autumnal Equinox? Ahh, my favorite time of year. The days may be getting shorter outside, but it’s still a beautiful summer in the tent.

I’ll be starting out with some autos in the small tent (~3x3). And then firing up some photos in the big tent (4x4) sometime soon.
The line up:
1 OG Kush (auto - ILGM)
1 Purple Kush CBD 1:1 (auto - Seedsman)
1 Amnesia (auto - @SeedsMan freebies)

They’ll all be in 3 gal fabric pots, with coco coir, using General Organics - GO Box nutrients, under some @VIPARSPECTRA lights. Hmm, I can’t think of any more details to add right now, so let’s go ahead and get it started!!


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Cool...tis the season for autos!
It's always sunny in the tent!

Heavenly Hybrid

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Welcome Pman, VG and Pman, er... P9? :laugh2: Lol, no worries P9, I always know which one you are!!
Not much happening yet, but I’m hoping for some auto redemption this time!
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Yay - I made the first page! :yahoo:
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