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  1. 1

    Twisted leaves

    Hello! I have a 27 days old autoflowering northern lights (my first grow) and the new leaves are twisted. Lights are : 4 x 23w cfl and 2 x 30w led . temps are betwin 25-27 C. Also i noticed that the newest node has only 1 branch.
  2. H

    Mutated twisted brown new growth in veg

    About 4 weeks ago I popped a load of karma genetics, headbanger, biker kush and old dirty biker. I am growing in living soil using airated tap water, under 600w kind led's. My temps range between 19 and 25, humidity around 60%. 2 weeks ago then new growth started coming out brown, twisted and...
  3. juz420

    Leaves twisted & wavey and ends turned down

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to work out what could be causing these leaves to be all twisted up, the plant that is affected is a GG Allin from Southern Star Seeds (Haze IO), it is the only plant of that strain I have growing, two other strains have been growing healthy under same nutes and light...
  4. juz420

    Twisted Leaves - Diagnosis needed!

    Hi 420'ers, Ive got these twisted leaves from a plant that seems healthy otherwise, just wondering if anyone can identify if it is a deficiency or not. Cheers Juz420
  5. J

    First grow - Leaves thick but twisting & deformed

    Hey there - I have posted a thread once before and am not 100% on a whole lot of things. Can I get some comment on the twisting and drooping seen in the bigger of these two plants. Also - why would some leaves come out deformed? Hooked (seen in smaller plant) or fingered wrong eg a malformed...