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    What's your crazy story?

    How have you other stoners dealt with drug tests for work etc?? Here's my story: As a heavy guy and a heavy toker I didn't have the time to wait for my system to cleanse and used U-pass Synthetic Urine to fake it. I crotched the fake piss bottle in my boxers and kept it warm with the little...
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    UA soon

    So I was laid off, but offered a new job almost immediately contingent on background check and drug test. I smoked like 7 or 8 times (no more than 4 or 5 hits each time) from november to January 21. Before that, i hadnt smoked in over a year. Im waiting on the background test before they...
  3. O

    BC Entities Field Kit

    Hey all, I haven't seen a recent review of the BC Field Kit so I wanted to post one. I just took the UA today, so I will be back with news once I find out whether I passed or not. Hold tight!
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