vegetative cycle

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    Mistakenly cycled plant to flowering phase

    Hi all, I have had clones on veg cycle and, when I transferred them all to my new box, I mistakenly set the timer on 12-12 cycle. They have been there for 4 days now. Here how they look now: Will it be okay to revert the cycle to the veg state now? I also planned to cut two of them and clone.
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    Job done.. day 14 from seed . 20/4 light schedule starts
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    Abandoned My First Grow - All Feedback Welcome

    Hey everyone, I just started the grow process on 5 short rider fem autoflower and 5 white widow fem seeds. This is my first grow and would like to try and take in as much info as possible. As of right now they have all sprouted and are under CFLs 24/7. How long should I wait to switch...
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