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vegetative stage

  1. C

    Lst during flowering stage?

    Hi everyone. I want to know whether I should stop lst during vegetative stage or should I continue until harvest? Do you only do vegetative stage lst then release soft ties during flowering or do the soft ties remain till the harvest day? I've got an indica so it's super bushy and but is...
  2. M

    Skipping the vegetative stage

    this thread isn't about why the veg stage is important. or why u shouldn't skip it. it's obvious that the veg stage is just as important, if not, more then the other stages. this thread is hopefully and supposedly be about grower who has skip the veg stage and would like to share their...
  3. Fab Ink

    Marianne Is Hotter Than Ginger - White Widow Grow

    Good day to everyone. Today I begin a journal which I will bring you through from seed to harvest. The girl will be White Widow from seeds bought from Amsterdam. I got 10 seeds for approximately $80. I will be using Fox Farm soil. The ladies will be growing in a 4 x 4 tent. This tent will serve...
  4. S

    Critical Mass, leaves resemble leather

    My Critical Mass plants are about 3 weeks old and were very healthy when I received the clones. Been using mostly water for the past couple weeks, but added some fox farm to them about 5 days ago and now the leaves are showing me something I have not experienced before. Water was Ph of 6.5-6.8...
  5. Y

    Dwarf plants

    hey guys, I recently began to grow a weed plant from a seed a friend gave me. And well everyone told me that it was hard as heck, and so far i have obtained this pretty thing: It´s 6´2 tall and i read that if i did it right there is a process to keep it that height, and while...
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