vegetative stage

  1. Fab Ink

    Marianne Is Hotter Than Ginger - White Widow Grow

    Good day to everyone. Today I begin a journal which I will bring you through from seed to harvest. The girl will be White Widow from seeds bought from Amsterdam. I got 10 seeds for approximately $80. I will be using Fox Farm soil. The ladies will be growing in a 4 x 4 tent. This tent will serve...
  2. S

    Critical Mass, leaves resemble leather

    My Critical Mass plants are about 3 weeks old and were very healthy when I received the clones. Been using mostly water for the past couple weeks, but added some fox farm to them about 5 days ago and now the leaves are showing me something I have not experienced before. Water was Ph of 6.5-6.8...
  3. Y

    Dwarf plants

    hey guys, I recently began to grow a weed plant from a seed a friend gave me. And well everyone told me that it was hard as heck, and so far i have obtained this pretty thing: It´s 6´2 tall and i read that if i did it right there is a process to keep it that height, and while...