vegging and flowering

  1. jlt1202

    How big of a bucket can i get?

    I have been reading that you dont need to transplant untill the plant is root bound, and in doing so the plant will continue growth, but is their a size that is too big for a area?? right know i have two plants that are in 5 gallon buckets and are about 4-5 ft tall, i was wanting to increase...
  2. WizHigh

    Unknown Strain wondering if I should top? About to put in bigger pot. Help!

    T5 54w HO switching to CFL Medium Scotts soil/coco coir. Switching to organic soil/coco coir 2nd week into veg. FloraNova grow/bloom + FF Grow Big + Molasses + Age Old kelp +Super Thrive I dont know if I should start topping or let it grow normal. Dont know what strain it is. It looks...
  3. WestBlunts

    Blue Dream outdoor potted grow. Cold Temps?

    Blue Dream from seed FFOFsoil Veg Nutrients: Alaska Fish Ferts, Liquid karma, Superthrive, Pure blend(OPEN TO MORE SUGGESTIONS!) NOT sure on Flowering nutes yet.(HELP) vvvShitty Pictures, She's Real green in person!vvv I was thinking about toping BluDy twice. I'm going to...
  4. Heady Stash

    LED veg room and HPS bloom room?

    I'm trying to do the last bit of research on the room(s) that I'll be building soon. I plan on building a 4'x4'x7' bloom cab and a 4'x2'x7' veg cab. My question right now pertain's to the stress of the babies and being moved from the (180-240w) LED veg room into the 1000w (dimmable) HPS bloom...
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