1. cross1420

    1000 Watt Pineapple Chunck - Veneno

    This is my 2 grow ever so I still have a lot of learning to do. But at least I have better equipment this time around. I am running a 1000w light with a sweet air cooled hood, Carbon filter and intake fan. I am currently growing 2 strains Pineapple Chunk Type: Indica Dominant Genetics...
  2. cross1420

    Cross1420 First Grow Veneno - Pineapple Chunk

    Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my First Grow Journal. So my intention on this grow was to grow some mother plants. I was planing on moving and didn't want to wait for plants to grow after i moved in i wanted to be ready to roll when i moved. Well I ended up not moving and now i am very...
  3. C

    First grow ever.

    Hey 420 mag this is my first post which is pretty exciting because this means its the start of my first grow. I've been lingering around and learning along from the site and finally branching out to grow my own. I would appreciate any help! What strain is it? Exodus Cheese, TNT Kush, Veneno...
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