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    G.H. Calimagic

    I just read an old thread here about using vinegar to bring down ph. I use botanicare nutrients (pure blend pro) in my 20 gallon reservoir. I was using botanicare cal-mag plus which is 2-0-0 and decided when I started flowering that I didn't want to add that much more nitrogen to the mix so I...
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    Horticultural vinegar (20% acetic acid) to clean a glass bong?

    Has anyone tried horticultural vinegar (20% acetic acid) to clean a glass bong? I can't find information anywhere about it. The regular 5% vinegar is a pain to work with, compared to alcohol or acetone, and I'd like to avoid residues from those two. Horticultural vinegar is sold at...
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    Workaround for mouldy buds

    Had two plants harvested with beautiful fat buds but...a bit of rot and a reasonable amount of mould 1. Cut out bud rot, throw in bin then wash hands. 2. Fill a roasting dish with white vinegar 2x inches or so deep. 3. Place each fresh bud in vinegar and make sure it completely gets into...
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    Help with outdoor nutrient info

    We have been lowering the ph of our water for our outdoor grow with vinegar, which works just great! However, now it is time to add nutrients and want to know if the vinegar will affect the nutrients? Anybody want to toss something out there? I'll listen to any help you can give. Also, need...
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    Possible mold solutions?

    "Tea Tree Oil Spray A spray made with tea tree oil makes for very effective fungicidal control against plant mold. Mix well together 1 tsp. of tea tree essential oil and 1 tsp. of liquid castile soap with one gallon water. Spray the mixture on the topsoil and plants to get rid of mold...
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    Ph down

    I have hard water of about 7.5 ph from my taps, is mixing vinegar with it to lower ph a bad method? any help please? oh and what humidity do i need for clones?
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