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  1. Massdrop

    23% off Volcano Desktop Vaporizer, 32% off Da Buddha Vaporizer

    Hope you guys had an awesome 420! We are running buys on the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer (23% off - $408.99) Da Buddha Vaporizer (32% off - $129.99) VapirRise Vaporizer (32% off - $169.99) and the Kannastor Multi-Chamber Grinder (41% off - $37.99) You guys...
  2. Massdrop

    47% off Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer, 29% off Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Magic Flight Launch Box Laser Etched Vaporizer (47% off - $79.99) Volcano Desktop Vaporizer (29% off - $299.99) Santa Cruz Shredder Tool Stand (26% off - $19.99) Santa Cruz Shredder Multi-Purpose Titanium Tool...
  3. K

    Need Some Vaporizing Tips!

    How to Quit Smoking with the Help of Volcano Vaporizer? kindly give me your suggestions..thanks...
  4. K

    Getting Caught With Throat Infection Using Volcano Vaporizer

    With my friends advice I started using volcano vaporizer but after I started using it. Frequently I am caught with throat infection. Do we have any side effects in using these vaporizers? Please share your thoughts and I want to first get rid of this throat problem.
  5. T

    Is The Volcano Worth $650 With A Starter Set?

    Hey guys, I'm only a teen and don't have that much money. I live in holland and there's a shop about 20 minutes away from my house that's selling the volcano with a starter set included. But it costs $650 dollars (480 euros) and I'm not sure whether it's worth THAT much. I think it's the classic...
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