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  1. P

    Volksgarden Supra Rotary Garden 156 Watt T5 Fluorescent Grow In Progress

    Volksgarden® Supra Rotary Garden 156 Watt T5 Fluorescent Grow In Progress. Hydroponic Rotary system Stone wool rooting medium 1,5" cubes Constant watering 24/7 Strain - Bubba Kush - Indica Vegged three weeks This is day 32 of the flower cycle. Total flowering time 63 days. Room Temp -...
  2. L

    Grow Room for Volksgarden

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a great grow room and get my mothers growing strong before I purchase that Volksgarden rotary hydroponic system. This is my first grow so I could use some expert advice. Here's a video to show what I've got so far. Please chime in if you've got some...
  3. WheeloFortune

    WheelO's - 360#2 - Auto Collection galore

    I said in my first turn that i would not have time to run this, but here I am. starting a new thread. my last wheel is not even complete yet and I am getting ready for my next run. This one will be totally different from that last run, and hopefully much better. I assume most of you know my...
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