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    Hello Cannabis fam!

    Hello all! I am starting my first grow from some plants i got from a neighbor for setting up a few security cams. 5 plants total(1 came to me completely dead, stock and leaves were so scorched by heat and lack of water it was basicly powder) the 4 i have remaining are vibrant and now budding...
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    Anna from Seattle is stressed out :)

    Seriously our state government has gone crazy. Some of the activists sold out and screwed the farmers and patients. So I'm sitting here smoking tree after tree and packing my stuff. I'm out. I look forward to meeting people in Colorado on 420 :) :Namaste:
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    Medical from Washington state

    Hey loveing this sight already.. right now I am growing some Durban poisen and these girls are looking beautiful. I'll be posting picks soon as I am going to harvest my girls in about 4 days yeah
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    Ruralgirlz, from Washington State

    Hi fellow tokers, We are a couple, mid 40's, lovin' life in rural Washington State where my partner/wife holds a medical marijuana license for her chronic pain. We finally got our senses sharpened a couple years ago by growing our own, and haven't looked back since. It is totally about...
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