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Hi fellow tokers,

We are a couple, mid 40's, lovin' life in rural Washington State where my partner/wife holds a medical marijuana license for her chronic pain.

We finally got our senses sharpened a couple years ago by growing our own, and haven't looked back since. It is totally about having control of your own medicine so to speak. You know where it's been and how it got there and the cost is so much less to produce your own.

I started out growing in our closet with some type of grow bulb and eventually upgraded to a grow box with a MH conversion ballast system, 400W does fine for about 5 or so net plants (after males taken out). These suits our needs just fine.

Cheers to the pot gods! :goodluck:

Ruralgirlz :yummy:

Hey! Welcome to 420, a very friendly place to spend time. Be sure to check out the grow forums; a real treasure trove of knowledge.
Hi Ruralgirlz, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
:thanks: for joining us in our mission to spread cannabis awareness.
Legal growers rock. :headbanger:
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Enjoy the forums, and I'll see you there.
:ciao: High Ruralgirlz :yahoo:
We love to :welcome: You to 420.
:thanks: for joining us today!
Great Feeling Growing your own Meds, Huh? :headbanger:
What Strains are you Girls Growin'? :hmmmm:

Please take some time to Visit some of the Grow Journals and get to know some of the Wonderful 420 Growers, All super nice and Helpful.
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In fact everywhere you :surf: here on 420 you will find Fantastic People all helping each other, and Making Friendships.
This is All a Positive Vibe and Great Karma Community.
Continue to enjoy.
We will be looking for you Both in The Forums...OK? :thumb:
:roorrip: :peace:
Thanks to all for the warm welcome! Much appreciated.

We are on our second crop of Jack Frost. The first round ALL seeds germinated, but only 3-6 were girloz. Probably due to some early growing stress they might have gone through during set-up and such.

Currently on the second grow of the same, and once again ALL seeds germinated. I had started some "orange" strain seeds with them this time, but alas NONE of those germinated at all, so out of desperation for a full crop, I added more Jack Frost seeds to the mix about 2 weeks into the grow.

I'm about a week from going 12/12. I plan to start a grow journal for the flowering portion of these plants for your viewing pleasure! :)

I am going to be posting on the Indoor Soil Cultivation forum shortly.

Thanks again for being here 420 Magazine and all its members!!
(quick question... maybe I need a bit more java this morning as I tend to do my blog postings early thirty before work, where do I go here to add my avitar!? Thanks in advance, Ruralgirlz)
I agree, it is nice to see more women posting and growing as well.

Thanks for the warm welcome neighbor!

It's all about the herb, its benefits, and how we get it to our pipes!
Click on 'User CP' on top of this page
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Hope this helps.
Any other Qyestions we are here!
Good Morning!
Welcome Neighbors !! Good to have you here... There are lots of great folks here to enjoy and lots and lots of good information and knowledge to gain... Hope life is good for you and stay high my new friends...:welcome::peace:
Thanks! It's been a really busy summer so far, haven't been on the forum for a while but
plan(t) to catch up soon.

Livin' green in WA,
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