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I'm from New York City and recently moved to the Tri Cities area of Washington so that I can take advantage of the Medical Marijuana laws...but I'm having a real hard time.

Trying to find a Doctor who will work with me on this is a challenge.

Could use some advice from fellow members. Hate to have to resort to the black market, but I need relief from my pain.

Can't help you with the doctor issue...

but welcome to the forum! :roorrip:
Baciagalupe :welcome: The very best of luck with your search. I have notice you already find the Medical Marijuana forum for Washington State. Any luck? I have found this information that I hope will be some help Too....Washington State

* CannaCare patients' support group (206) 407-3017
* SeattleGreen Cross (206) 766-8155
* Lifevine Angels Cannabis Collective
* Compassion In Action Patient Network Seattle (206) 766-8155 Open 11-4 Mon-Fri
* Green Buddha Patient Network Greater Seattle Area (206) 297-9640 by appt.
Please keep us up to date and stay in touch with us all at 420. :peace:
Hello fellow tokers!

No I haven't had any luck with finding a Doctor to help me. Was working with La Clinica, but every time I go back, there is a new Doctor there. They keep giving me drugs that do more harm than good.

I've spoken to THC and they want more history from a local doctor??? I guess my NY Doctors are no good?

I just now have communicated with CBR, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Right now, it's the black market or nothing at all. I'm taking my chances.

Thank you for your kind support everybody.
not sure of cafe but they doo have some of the finest seed clubs you can visit and get your needs! and portland just opend one called rumpspankers its a old porn theater turned in to a cannibis cafe and mark emmery had a small club in vancover and for a five spot one could smoke there own stash in his place but now hes locked up for the seed thing not sure if his place still exist look in cannibis culture mag to find links and info!! good luck
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