1. O

    Old seeds

    I was given about 20 seeds that are about 15-20 years old. I have tried 3 different methods to germinate but no luck. I did 3 seeds 3 different ways. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. O

    An honor for me to have found this group

    The admin is probably thinking about my birth date! jajajajaj. It is real, and I am working on my first grow. My little indoors room is almost ready. it is an 8x10 shed, with led lights. I am scared, I have watched over 3000 videos on youtube! And all I can say is! I learned 3000 different ways...
  3. Lilface2016

    Antacid tablets

    Has anyone ever used an antacid calcium tablet in their own potting soil (Fox Farm: ocean forest) on a flowering plant; specifically, in its 7th week of flower? I'm looking for ways to flush but still build strong resin production? All suggestions are welcome!! thanks, Face
  4. D

    DIY Humidifier For Tent

    Was searching around YouTube for a DIY solution for humidifying the tent as humidity levels have gotten down to 30% in my tent. Haven't had to Dehumidify where I live, but dry air can be an issue. There were lots of complicated ways of doing it, and some simple ways, like draping a wet towel...
  5. Gardenseed

    Which celebrity would you want to smoke a joint with

    I like to keep to myself pretty much. Im not one to care too much about famous people, but every now and then I notice that some celebrities are interesting in deeper ways. If given a chance, who would you burn a J of your favorite sweet leaf and hang out for a day. Id go with Albert Einstein...
  6. Justones

    Soil pH control?

    Are using blood & bone meal the best natural ways to control your soil ph?
  7. M

    LED light blew up at the plug

    Hi guys, Been stalking this and a couple of other forums for the past month or so. Love the community so decided to join myself. I have two LED lights for my 2 plants...now just yesterday one of my lights blew up (thank God for the surge protector extension cable) and it killed off the...
  8. J

    Speed up ripening?

    Hi I have a Blue Dynamite in flowering start of week 6, on 12/12. Due to a dry spell and being poor I might have to harvest early. Looking for ways to ripen my buds faster. Right now she only has one or two red hairs, one or two more ambering, but definitely 99% white hairs. Lots of...
  9. 2

    New to the group puff puff pass

    Good day, Medical grower and user for about 10 years now. I would not be alive today if not for this plant. Looking for other ways to get the most pain relief as possible out of this plant. peace
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