1. B

    Black nugs

    Hey, I've been researching all along but I couldn't find any answer. This is my first grow, i'm using a 45w led panel, and I am gonna switch to 100w in a week. I know my plants are small, but this is because I am testing and using a weak light. Could anyone let me know what I am doing wrong with...
  2. bigbudz90

    Strange leaf growth deformation

    Hi guys, So I have been growing Incredible Bulk for a year or two, setup is Oxypot DWC in a large tent (previously in a small tent inside), lights are 2000w LED using Rock nutrients for feed. Every crop no issues, strong healthy plants. Consistently cloning for over a year no problems.. Ok so...
  3. Teleon

    Weatherstation 2.0

    Hey :welcome: I started a grow and was tinkering around to get a good weatherstation with some data logging features - everything what u could buy is way to expensive, so I decided to make my own one ;) It sends every 30s temperature, humidity and creates a UNIX timestamp while receiving...
  4. Q

    3 Weeks Flowering

    Cotton Candy Kush three weeks into flowering and they are starting too look good . Maybe by Oct 10 can start the drying and curing process with little luck if weather holds. My first attempt at this outside in pots
  5. Justones

    1st grow - In flower & weather changing

    This is my first grow. I have two girls in large pots (nearly 15 gal) I'm about 48 days into flowering. Mostly a sativa type plant. Trichnomes are getting cloudy. No amber ones & the pystils are still mostly white. The night temps have been dropping. Between 58/65 degrees at night. Then...
  6. Z

    Outside growing

    Just ordered affy and purple cush. The flowering time is 8 to 10 weeks. Central PA weather, when should I plant?
  7. R

    Weather Postpones Talks On Possible Leominster, MA Medical-Marijuana Site

    Discussions were fairly limited on what could be the city's first medical-marijuana dispensary during Monday night's City Council meeting. Representatives from the nonprofit corporation, Alternative Therapies Group Inc., were unable to attend the meeting, but attorney Peter Campobasso, who...
  8. G

    Help! It's 35F outside right now! Will my plants die?

    Hey guys, so as you can tell nighttime temps are clearly below average lately, and getting dangerously low tonight, but ironically our daytime temps are above average for this time of year. It was 70F / 21C today with clear sunny skies, perfect weather for flowering but the problem here is also...

    Ninjas in wisconsin, come chill with family <3

    "we will never die alone. Juggalos will carry on. Swing our hatchets if we must. Each and every one of us." whoop whoop to all my juggalo homies. looking for all 'real' juggalos (a family that believes in the dark carnival)... 'real', as in a family not limited in a biological sense... A...
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