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  1. Smokes1913

    Yoo stoner buds new here looking for outdoor grow tips?

    Smokes1913s Southern Ca outdoor grow ,( strain): gdp ,frisco og , animal mints , (seed germination): wet paper towel in ziplock bag placed in dark 7 days , (soil) : first few weeks miracle grow then switch to foxfarm ocean forest soil , (veg cycle): in progress also a few seedlings otw. Any...
  2. L

    Is my plant looking healthy for 2 and a half months old plant?

    I’ve planted my plant 20th of may and i’ve been keeping it in the greenhouse since then. I use regular water and rain water and regular soil. How can i improve the yield of the plant at the end? Any help would be useuful.
  3. Ydro93

    Rare Grow?

    Good evening community! I planted 12 seeds about a week and a half ago after using the napkin method which worked great. I’m growing three different strains, majority of them are Lemon Cookies, then I have two Cookies & Dream, & the last one is Sour Grape. I planted them in plastic cups just...
  4. Brassico

    Wonder Woman & Short Ryder

    They are father down the line production wise they are in 10 gallon dwc bin general hydroponics flora series nothing speical all regualar ph temps and ecs they are past the 21 day mark they are auto they are showing sign of flowering it is under a 150w hps hoping for some nice buds ill keep you...
  5. N

    I need some Advice on my plants?

    I have a couple of plants outside, there in natrual soil(clayish) I put ozmocot fertilizer, iv had the for about 3 months. I just always threw my seeds there so I ended up with these buetiful plants(: Look at my pictures plz
  6. R

    Hello Fellow Smokers

    Id just like to say hello to all the people here at 420 magazine forums. My name is Alvin, I'm 22 years old and i am a computer programmer and medical marijuana grower. I have been growing for a few years now for medicinal purposes. I love to smoke its the only thing that cures my back and...
  7. H

    first time grow.. dank ass seeds

    i have some dank ass seeds from my guyy.. he said they were.. white blueberry kush.. i could of had some white widow seeds but he said this shits killer.. i wanna grow in my closet.. i have a big chest rectangle thing that im going to flip up so its like a door to a little closet.. i want...
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