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Id just like to say hello to all the people here at 420 magazine forums.

My name is Alvin, I'm 22 years old and i am a computer programmer and medical marijuana grower.

I have been growing for a few years now for medicinal purposes. I love to smoke its the only thing that cures my back and sleep problems. I live in the great state of California about an hour and a half above Sacramento. I also help grow for my father who is recovering from cancer and i am member of the california legalize marijuana alliance.
Thanks Cherma i forgot to say that i am getting ready to start my outdoor and was wondering if anyone knew anything about these 5 strains Danky Doodle, Golden Kush, Big Bud, Big Bang and Kryptonite i have never tried these strains before and would like to know how good they are
There's a lot on the site about each of the 5 strains you listed. I did a few searches... enjoy

Here's a few journals on big bang, one in progress, the other complete.
Big Bang 200W CFL indoor grooow
First grow | BIG BANG


Danky Doodle Seeds

Golden Kush

Golden Kush Clones
Hi and welcome to the 420 community! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Peace and 420 :rollit:
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