My First Grow

Ok so My first grow attempt started L8t night about 3 days ago and it is some skunk I have some pics here of the first 3 days so far im starting my journal today. I hope everything goes well along the way and looking forward to any help i can get. I started with 3 seeds all 3 grew hopefully they are all female.




the setup so far



Ok so i was looking for nutrients online and did a search to see if there was a store around me and guess what! Turns out there is a hydro expo store like 4 miles away from my house, i had never been in a hydro store before they have some nice setups but cost some money. Anyway i ended up getting Fox Farms nutrients....



Any suggestions on nutrient schedule or how much to use? thanks

Thank you Hierba for the luck ima need it lol
Thank you for your support dollabill1 i really apreciate your help, thats what ima do then im gonna wait the rest of this week and then ima start monday the start of their 2 week
when they start on the second set of leave's start ur feeding regimen.. be very easy on the nute's start them off light then work ur way up.. good luck:rollit:
You should wait until the third or fourth week unless you see signs of yellowing on the lowest leaves. Your soil will hold them over and let the roots get a hold on life. GB is strong, so start out at 1/4 dose and work your way to full strength always keeping an eye out for signs of stress. You may want to get some fish emulsion ( cold filtered if you can find it) and add that in to your schedule. It's nice to give them some variety, and fish emulsion is very easy on them.. Be patient young grasshoppa.....

What soil are you using?
Thank you for the advice fasts102376, haha i like the young grasshoppa thing Be IRIE, that fish emulsion thing sounds like a good idea i think im gonna have to try it. Oh and i started using off the regualr miracle grow soil should i buy the fox farm soil too instead?
I would reccomend getting the FF... a lot of us use it here and know what to epect which makes problem solving a bit easier. Your MG will work, just keep an eye on the babies for adverse effects. Liquified sea weed would also be good to grab while you are there. They are fairly cheap too and will help out in the garden quite a bit.
Ok cool im gonna go by my hydro store and get ff soil what do you mean by adverse effects? oh and i had a couple more ?S for you, im gonna try the 18/6 thing but i was wondering when its time to turn the lights off do i turn the fans off too or leave them on? and one more thing i was curious about can you feed the plant more than one nutrient at a time? thank you Be IRIE you are being alot of help
You want to keep an eye out for signs of burning, droopy/sagging all of a sudden, stop/stunted growth, anything that makes you think Hmmmmmm, something is going on here....The earlier you spot something going wrong, the easier it is to remedy it.
You can go to 18/6 whenever you want, the fan is a personal choice, I like to leave them on 24/7 so the ladies always have some fresh air blowing on them.
Yes you can combine nutes for feeding.
Just checking in my log wanted to give you guys and update. Well it seems like everything is going good for now and i hope it keeps going good. i started to foliar feed with the fox farms veg nutes and seems like its going pretty good i posted a few pics





You should not be feeding them yet, specially not grow big...If you absolutely have to feed them, give them some fish emulsion and only a little bit. Just be patient, you are likly going to do more damage then good by pumping them full of nutes at such an early age...They are a week old right?
Ok well i wanted to update my journal, i have let off the nutes till a lil bit longer, everything looks like is going well i have changed the light cycle to 18/6, i will update with pics later, i know my thread is not that intersting as others but at least im giving it a try. thanks to all who have helped
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