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so where do i begin , i am an 18 year old girl . and i sure do enjoy smoking marijuana . i have strong beliefs in medicinal marijuana being available to everyone who needs it. i dont personally need it. but i have a family member with MS and she does need it . i always have to find for her and when its dry. she suffers. which isnt fair . she should have it at her availability . im from a small town in ontario
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:welcome: well joining this site is real good start on helpin the cause, im not familiar with what all goes on in canada, but there are alot of members here from there so im sure someone here can lead u on the right path ... :peace:

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Welcome, Im glad your relative found relief in marijuana, however it is unfortunate to hear that they suffer at all :( Your one more voice against the lies and blatantly contagious ignorance in the world's media and politics. It is very disturbing knowing that suffering patients can't even smoke some weed to relieve their pain, I personally see that as people proclaiming they have no value for life in general. How can they just sit back and watch people hurt? It makes me sick. Keep fighting for what you believe in! I'm sure you will feel right at home on this site.
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