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    Clones In Soil - LED - SnarlyWeeds Up & Coming Once Upon A Goodtime Grow 2017

    Hi friends. 2nd grow. Soil from my local grow shop. All I really know is they say it's inert. Nutes from local grow shop, house brand, 3-1-3 for veg, and "The Stuff, Bloom" for flower. CalMag. Tap water. 3 gal smart pots. Various Mars Hydro LED lights 2x4 veg tent, 2x4 flower tent...
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    Hey everyone, hope you all are having a good weekend so far. Hope everyone had a great Halloween too. Quick question... Have any of you tried growing either of the two following strains? Here are the strains: White Berry (from Paradise Seed company. (AKA - Attitude Seed Bank)...
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