white diesel haze auto

  1. bakesale

    Mold mold mold & soil

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking a look. I have quite a bit of mold (white puffy balls) growing on my soil... Not sure what to do exactly, had a read and correct me if i'm wrong but this is what i might do: take off the top layer of soil which has any mold on it and any around the corners then...
  2. D

    My First Grow - White Diesel Haze - 300W LED

    Hi everyone!First of all my english isnt the best so sorry for that.I put my seeds in coco+perlite mix(50-50) around august 2nd.This is my first attemp to grow so it isnt so perfect but i try my best.My buds look so small:(I use led light but maybe not enough for 3 plant... I try to upload some...
  3. B

    BlinKey's Indoor - Coco Mix - Fem White Diesel Haze Auto Grow Journal - 2014

    Hi Folks. I start this journal on day 17 of this grow. I thought that I needed 50 posts before I could upload pictures but I was wrong (Rep and Thanks to Antics for correcting my wrong)!!!! Not much lost so lets go!! There are two plants that I am growing this time around and these are the...
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