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  1. B

    White Widow / NL hydro problems

    I had an issue with my plants the PPM was at 1300.. and I think I stunted their growth someone on here for me to drop the PPM down to 600... which fixed it. I'm using plant magic veg.. But I was told to switch to Bloom... I'm on the 7th week since germination... But they look rather small...
  2. K

    Auto amnesia help

    My friend is growing three autos, one diesel x blues, one samango and one amnesia. The Deisel is flushing now it's nine week in. Hes going start the Mango flush thus evening as the hairs are more or less brown. This is his first attempt at growing. He's using 4 pot wilma started with canna a and...
  3. fatty

    Bubba Kush - Dinachem - Blue Dream - Skunk #1 in Coco

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow its my first diary on here and if anyone has any tips hints or even a joke feel free to join in I have been growing a good few years changed to coco from soil about 5 grows ago and am well happy with the results I ain't no pro so any help and advice is very...
  4. Cultivator

    16 Pot Wilma System Hydro

    Hi and welcome to my journal for my 16 pot Wilma System grow. Strain:8x flying dutchman pure (75%sativa x 25%indica) and 8x Greenhouse Seeds A.M.S (swiss sativa x swiss indica %unknown) Medium: Clay pebbles 6.5litre square pots light: 2x 600w hps, cooltubes...
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