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Auto amnesia help


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My friend is growing three autos, one diesel x blues, one samango and one amnesia. The Deisel is flushing now it's nine week in. Hes going start the Mango flush thus evening as the hairs are more or less brown. This is his first attempt at growing. He's using 4 pot wilma started with canna a and b, but switched to bio bizz after that. Also adds mag/cal every change of res. 600 hps on for 20 hours. He did have four plants but one turned sex. Anyway my question is. The buds on the diesel and the Mango have big tight buds but the amnesia doesn't. He just want help to see if it needs more time or more nutes....etc etc. Would love help and advise as he plans to do more and try improve each time. Thanks in advance


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Re: Auto amnesia help.

knotty187, Pictures would help a lot. I've never grown amnesia but I do have 4 different strains going and each of them is different. Can you tell me why he's flushing at 9 weeks? Is that something he typically does or is there a problem he's trying to deal with? Look forward to seeing some pics! Take care. :peace:
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