world of seeds

  1. Konto

    T5 Hydro - Bodhi Dream Lotus - WOS Afghan Kush X White Widow

    Quick overview... Strain : 1 Bodhi Dream Lotus and 1 World of Seeds Afghan Kush X White Widow. Light : T5 8 Bulb - 432 Watt. Four 3000k and four 6500k. Medium : Rockwool Temp : 80 F lights on, 64 lights off. Humidity : 35% (been lazy lately on filling up my humidifers lol ) System : Ebb & Flow...
  2. chronicflash

    Autofem Auto Oil (LR x Chem Dawg) & W.O.S. Pure Afghan Kush Landrace (PHASE: R&D)

    So this is my first journal. So far the plan is: Outdoor Roots Organic Ready to use Soil Bags Raise up a good Afghan male to cross with the Auto Oil. The Auto Oil are feminized so I will be needing some seed stock. I think the Afghan Kush is a great cross for the auto strain. So I...