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  1. World of Seeds Official

    World of Seeds: Finally - Wild Thailand Won

    A unique genetic that has become famous in Thailand due to the new regularization of cannabis there. It is one of the strains with more THC in the world, one of the most productive of Thailand, and although today almost everyone knows it, it had to face many obstacles. Now, we can say that the...
  2. Wild Thailand

    Wild Thailand

    World of Seeds Wild Thailand
  3. D

    Dick23rk Returns, Perpetual Indoor Gardens, 10'x12' Veg & Bloom, T5's, LED, HPS

    Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me and some of you may not, but there's a lot of new faces here that wont know me as well. I was around for a couple of years learning, helping and growing, then life gets busy sometimes and I had to take a break. I have now decided again that I want to...
  4. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Seeds Updates 7th November 2018

    Back in Stock - You can see the full list on Herbies Back in Stock Page Spliff Seeds White Widow Regs Samsara Spicy White Devil Fems Breaking Buds Brownie Auto Fems Seedism King Kush Fems Lady Sativa Genetics English OG Regs Reserva Privada Tangie Regs (Cup Winner) Dutch Passion Auto Critical...
  5. KingJoe83

    King's Outdoor Strain Review 1 WOS: Afghani Kush x Black Domina

    Strain Name - Afghani kush x black domina From - World of seeds Price - Gifted seeds Type - Indica, Hybrid, Appearance - Nice dark green with red hairs . Held density quiet nicely .nice bag appeal Smell - Earthy, Pungent , Skunky Taste - Fair.. not the best tasting strain I’ve consumed ...
  6. AED31641-4E72-48A9-A157-F9E0BFA3ADE6.jpeg


    Afghani kush x black domina outdoor grow bud shot day four dry two hung in tent dark temps around 50-64% bouncing never over or under . Took test bud had a nice head highly right off bat. Curious to see a good cure for these airy ish buds . @Pennywise
  7. 8014B39A-8BAA-4630-BE6B-CE6914C5B087.jpeg


    If you zoom in you can see stick my wife was liek holy moly this stank and sticky lol love her she is my world . Tang and you all
  8. Konto

    T5 Hydro - Bodhi Dream Lotus - WOS Afghan Kush X White Widow

    Quick overview... Strain : 1 Bodhi Dream Lotus and 1 World of Seeds Afghan Kush X White Widow. Light : T5 8 Bulb - 432 Watt. Four 3000k and four 6500k. Medium : Rockwool Temp : 80 F lights on, 64 lights off. Humidity : 35% (been lazy lately on filling up my humidifers lol ) System : Ebb & Flow...
  9. chronicflash

    Autofem Auto Oil (LR x Chem Dawg) & W.O.S. Pure Afghan Kush Landrace (PHASE: R&D)

    So this is my first journal. So far the plan is: Outdoor Roots Organic Ready to use Soil Bags Raise up a good Afghan male to cross with the Auto Oil. The Auto Oil are feminized so I will be needing some seed stock. I think the Afghan Kush is a great cross for the auto strain. So I...
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