Dick23rk Returns, Perpetual Indoor Gardens, 10'x12' Veg & Bloom, T5's, LED, HPS

Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me and some of you may not, but there's a lot of new faces here that wont know me as well. I was around for a couple of years learning, helping and growing, then life gets busy sometimes and I had to take a break. I have now decided again that I want to continue doing journals since I have started up my grow room again. So lets get to it and I can show you all what we have going on right now!

Currently we have 2 plants that just went into the flower room and 6 babies in the seedling station.. My 10'x12' room is split in 2 to make each side 6'x10', flower room is by itself while the veg room has my seedling station and shelving to hold supplies. Lets talk about the flower room first.

Flower Room:
- 2 x 600w HPS lights with batwing reflectors (170,000 lumen 2100k bulb)
- 2 x 16" oscillating fans
- Furnace blower for exhaust, passive air vents from outside room and veg room
- Low RH (around 20%) due to furnace running in basement
- Temps ranging from 17-27 degrees celsius
- Using 7 gallon pots in flower

- 1 x Moby Dick by Dinafem
- 1 x NL x Big Bud by World of Seeds

Moby Dick: copied from Dinafem website
Sex Feminised
Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Cross Haze x White Widow
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 60-70 days
Indoor yield 650 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time Mid-October / Late October
Outdoor yield 1500 g/plant
Outdoor height 3.5 m
THC 21%

NL x Big Bud: copied from World of Seeds website
Genotype 100% indica
THC 18%
Maturation(Interior) from 55 to 60 days
Maturation(Exterior) late September
Flavor Sweet
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 500-600 gr/m2 Indoor | 1200 gr/pl Outdoor
Odor High
Effect Narcotic
Resistance to mold High
Pest resistance High
Sex Feminized
Lineage Northern Light x Big Bud
BHO Performance 25%
Irrigation tolerance High
Medicinal Value Very high

These 2 plants were vegged for about 9 weeks before being flipped to flower this past Sunday. I had very slow growth due to my low humidity in the basement caused by the furnace running during winter, hard to beat it so I just deal with it. I will throw up some pictures here of the 2 of them that I took here and there throughout their lives up until last night. You will see the various size pots I used and the LST that was done to bring the branches back.

Veg Room:
- 1200w MEIZHI led panel pulling 560w from wall (42,000 lumen full spectrum)

- 1 x 16" oscillating fan
- Passive air vents from outside room, being pulled into flower room
- Low RH (same issue as flower room)
- Temps ranging from 18 - 26 degrees celsius
- Usually 2-3 gallon pots for veg after up-potting from small seedling or 1 gallon containers

** Nothing in the veg section at the moment except a sitting area and my LED panel, babies are in the seedling station right now**

Here is a picture of the LED panel that I will be using..

Seedling Station:
- 4 x 54w T5's (4' long 6400k bulbs)
- 6" fan blowing across lights
- Same exhaust and RH as veg room (humidity domes to correct this)
- Temps rangw from 22-26 degrees celsius
- Using small, pint sized containers with domes

- 6 x Tutankhamon by Pyramid Seeds

Tutankhamon: copied from Pyramid Seeds website
Lineage AK47
Type 60% Sativa - 40% Indica
Indoor Production +500 gr./m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom 60 Days
Height 75 - 150 cm
Exterior Production 0,5 - 1,5 kg./plant
Bloom Europ 2/4 September
Bloom Latin America 2/4 March
THC: 25% CBN: 0.6% CBD: -1%

General Hydroponics Flora Series line-up
- Micro, Grow, Bloom, Rapid Start, Diamond Nectar, Liquid Kool Bloom, Flora Blend, Flora Kleen and Armour Si
- Blackstrap Molasses for last 2-3 weeks of flower
- Ph up+down and Ph color drop tester ( I have a digital Ph tester but have a hard time trusting it)

**2 bottles I do not have are Floralicious Plus and Flora Nectar.. I had some Flora Nectar but it ended up getting a mold skim on the top so I stopped using it**

Growing Medium:
ProMix High Porosity
- No additional additives aside from some extra perlite for oxygen and drainage.

Thats pretty much it for now folks. I will try to keep this journal updated every 2-3 days and stop in to chat in between. Any questions or constructive critisism are always welcome! If you're interested in my previous grows as an indoor beginner there are a couple links in my signature below as well as some great tutorials. Also, dont forget that link to the 420 Mag Contests page, always lots of fun that happens over there from what I remember. Thanks everyone!
Just stopping in with a few updated pictures this evening since I have seen some change from this morning when i made this journal. It appears the seedlings have finally straightened their necks out some and perked up to about an inch high. In the flower room I have noticed the branches have all perked back up from the training and I believe the stretch is about to begin. Will give them a measure later and see what the difference is this time tomorrow to verify.

Hey again folks. Hope everyone is having a great day doing whatever it is your doing! Much love.
I'm really enjoying being back on the 420 Mag forums and reading through some new journals, as well as making my own. I just keep snapping pics and thinking, oh, I should post these to the journal. So here I am again with some more pictures.

I'm really loving the response from these Tutankhamon babies. My germinating procedure was soak them in RO water for about 8 hours, then place them into damp paper towels inside of a plastic container and placed on top of my internet modem for warmth. I went to bed, woke up, and within 16 hours total they had all cracked. They were then placed into the peat pods that morning. Nothing the next day all day/night, woke up the morning (yesterday) and all 6 had broken ground overnight. Into the containers they went.

It's now been just over 24 hours since the transplant and they are all about 1.5" tall. I had expected them to stretch a little due to the domes and havingto keep the lights farther away, but that will all be fixed once they get transplanted again. So here they are in all their glory, 6 healthy tutankababies!

Day 2

Now for the flower room where we have Moby Dick and the NL x Big Bud cross. They have reacted really well to the switch from LED to HPS, same output wattage but 600w more being pulled from the wall. Over 100,000 more lumens though, it's crazy bright in there. Been thinking about hanging some plastic closer to the plants to concentrate the light more but it may just get in the way and blow around with the fans, so I may just leave it alone.

I am starting to see the change since flipping to flower on Sunday, they have started the flower stretch and I'm sure they will take off real soon. There was about 1" vertical growth just from lights out to lights on (12 hours) Not too bad, hoping for a lot more though.

Day 4 Flowering

Hmmm, morning peeps, still pretty quiet in here. Sitting around going through some other journals, catching up on the consltests and such. Smoking a couple doobies of BC Sweet Tooth and waiting for the lights to come on in the flower room. Gotta get some rise n shine pics on the ladies. Anyway, hope you all are having a fantastic day and maybe I will drop some more pics later. In the mean time here's what I'm smoking on!

And another decent morning in the garden. Lights are on in the flower room now, snapped a few pictures while in there looking around. Checked out the babies, took the domes off for a bit of fresh air and snapped some neat pictures of them I will show you as well.

Day 3 - Seedlings

These little ones are still on the go, stretching a bit more than I'd like, the last 2 didn't do that quite as much. Either way I will fix that when they get transplanted like mentioned before, I have to use the domes for about the first week. Couple more days and I might take them off permanently and raise the shelf up.

No feeding or watering yet, only used a small amount of rapid start for the roots when wetting the dirt for the first time. Light feeding will begin on about day 7.

On with some pictures I guess. Wife and I were taking some water droplet shots this morning after taking the domes off lol her phone is better for pics.

Day 5 - Flowering

These ladies are starting to cluster up at the tops, looking like they want to start forming some buds. Still not a lot of stretch, about 2 inches in the last 3 days. When they were flipped to flower schedule they received plain RO water, I believe it was the same day so it's been about 4-5 days since then.

Today they will receive a transition feed with some upped bloom nutes to kick these babies into gear. After that we will start to lower the micro and grow nutes some, eventually not giving anymore grow. Just a little micro, while upping the bloom and supplementing with additives accordingly.

Here's a few pictures of this morning just after lights on. You can see the NL x big bud was still a bit droopy.

Yay, my fan controller came in today. I don't know why I didn't order one earlier than this, what a difference it makes. I'm using an old furnace blower as my exhaust fan as mentioned before, so you get 4 different wire combinations for different speeds. I wired it up so that it was on it's lowest speed but it was still quite a bit more powerful than I needed, it would suck the poly on my walls right in lol it was running at about 185 watts before, I can now dial it in between 80 and 190 watts, set at about 115 now and it's nice. I can leave it run all the time now if need be, I still need to pull in warm air from my basement during lights out to keep the temps up some. An easy fix to a not so small issue, should help a lot!

Stopping in to add on to the list of goodies I'm buying. My temps at my canopy are pretty hot, like 36-37 degrees, even after moving the lights up some. Don't want to move them up too far so I found some really cheap air cooled hoods. I should have spent the extra $40 each on my kits to get air cooled but didn't. So now I'm grabbing these, $20 a piece, so I gotta try them. Along with a duct fan and some ducting to aim the hot air towards my blower exhaust.

Hey again folks, hope everyone is having a great weekend. Figured I would get back in here and make an update, was fairly busy yesterday to get much done on here. All the plants are looking good still, had some decent growth and all have been fed within the last 2 days. So lets have a look and I will give a little more detail about each.

Day 5 - Seedling Station

All the babies are moving right along, can almost call them toddlers now! They are working on pushing out the 2nd set of leaves and leaf size has grown as well this weekend. Saturday afternoon they received a light feed of rapid start, same thing that the medium was first dampened with, had 2ml to 1 gallon of water, each got a little more than 1 cup. Next time around we will start actually feeding. I have also started giving them a dark period instead of 24hr lights on.

Day 7 - Flower Room
Moby Dick and NL x Big Bud

Seeing some more formation and growth from these 2, getting almost an inch per day right now. Have gotten an easy 4 inches growth since flipping to flower, hoping this next week they take right off.

Transition feed was on Friday, mixed up 4 gallons to divide up between the 2, here's there feed amounts per gallon.
Micro - 2ml, Grow - 4ml, Bloom - 4ml, Rapid Start - 2ml, Diamond Nectar - 2.5ml, Flora Blend - 2.5ml, Flora Nectar - 2ml, CalMag - 2ml, Armour Si - 2ml

That's about it for this round. Nothing really exciting happening at the moment aside from the flower stretch. I am thinking about starting to take pictures with my camera again so I can balance out the HPS glare, tired of looking at yellow pictures of the plants and not having their true colors showing. I don't feel like trying to move a 7 gallon pot out of my room to take pictures lol Have a great day everyone, stay high!
Afternoon everyone, stopping in to add in some more progress.. Looks like I'm having more time off work lately than I anticipated, I love being in my garden and to be home with the kids, but a guy needs to work! Still waiting on some more traffic through the ol' journal here, trying to get active on here again and make more friends, a lot of people have left since I was around here last.

So, still not much new in either of the rooms, moving kind of slowly. I can't wait until spring time, humidity will start to rise around here and will get some faster growth rates again.

Anyhow, I fed the flowering girls again last night, the NL x Big Bud was starting to look a little droopy close to lights out but the pots didn't seem overly light, need to get used to these 7 gallon pots I guess. Shoved the moisture meter in and was reading around 4 on a 1-10 scale. Shes starting to look better today, the leaves just don't seem to stand up quite like the Moby Dick.

Seedlings are still doing fine, noticed some growth on the 2nd set of leaves popping out but that's about it. Domes are still on and keeping them humid and warm. There's 2 with slightly lighter and skinnier leaves, 1 will be shown in the pics below, maybe a different phenotype? Guess we will wait and see. Not really much else to say about these ones yet lol.

*Note* I must have messed up some settings on my phone camera since these flower room pics have a lot more hps glow this time around. Sorry about that, working on it!

Day 6 - Seedling Station

Day 8 - Flower Room
Moby Dick + NL x Big Bud

Hey Wally. Thanks for stopping by, all kind of seat for ya to choose from lol

Even the exhaust off a 1000sq/ft wick humidifier only brings up the humidity to maybe 30%, but I need the air exchange, so I just deal with it at 20%. Only thing that would help here is a fogger but my tap water would ruin it.
Rise n' shine in the flower room! These ladies are still strutting their stuff. Just some updated pictures, nothing big to report. Hope my air cooled hoods don't take too long to arrive (coming from China) I am starting to see a little bit of twisting and cupped/taco'd leaves on the Moby Dick. In line duct booster and ducting should be here today, will try to rig something up to help move the heat until the hoods arrive.

:hmmmm: hmmm.. is my subconscious telling me something? Lmao!

I wanted it to stay facing upright so it was easy to see and right at canopy level, this was how stoned up me managed to do it haha
Morning everyone. Another cold and blustery day here on the prairies.. Felt like -52C when I woke up this morning, no work for me today, doesn't hurt my feelings any lol

Seedlings are looking good again this morning. The 2nd sets of leaves have sure pushed out quite a bit in the last 24 hours. One of the girls looks a little sickly, will post a pic below. Not sure what's up with her, could be a genetic defect, different phenotype, hard to say really at this point. There was another baby that looked pretty similar, bit skinnier of first set leaves, but now it looks like the rest almost lol. Will give it a few days to hopefully turn around.

They will likely need another watering by tomorrow I would think. I've been leaving the domes off for parts of the day so they can get used to the rooms low humidity and help dry up the promix a bit to get the roots searching for water. I don't normally start nutrient feeding until sometime in the 2nd week but I think I'm going to try and push these ones to the limits using the custom veg feed schedule I will show below as well (Will also put up GH's feed schedule for reference) I will adjust the micro a bit lower than it shows if I notice too much nitrogen feeding. Likely give them 1/2 stength of the first week feed and then hit them with full after that to see if they can handle it.

Day 8 - Seedling Station

Custom Feeding Schedule + GH Schedule

Flower room lights are on now, not sure if I like what I see this morning...
The NL x Big Bud is still looking droopy, will give her an hour or 2 first before I decide to give her another feeding, was Sunday night before lights out that they got fed last, so that's likely her issue.

As for Moby Dick, I'm not sure yet, gotta look at some charts and see what I can figure out. She's got some slightly curling leaves and the tips are curling up, not all the leaves but a few are doing this. I believe that is due to the canopy heat, will raise the light up a little more again.
The other issue seems like a deficiency or a possible pH issue. pH going in is usually just below 6, on the crappy soil moisture/ph meter I got it's saying the promix is sitting between 7.5 and 8. Will look into deficiencies as a cause first and also lower my pH going in when I feed both to tlget the rootzone pH down some more.

They are both now starting to form some top buds, I don't think there will be a while lot of stretch left, but they could surprise me. Let's hope them air cooled hoods get here before the buds are really forming to keep the heat away from them.

Day 10 - Flower Room
Moby Dick + NL x Big Bud

Here are some pictures of what's going on with Moby Dick. Going to get looking at the deficiency charts and see what I can figure out and try to adjust for it this feeding.

Ok, so I have determined that Moby Dick has started to get a magnesium deficiency. Until the bloom nutes get bumped up I am giving this plant 5ml/gal of calmag. My calmag and bloom nutes have the same amount (1.5%) so once I'm done with transition feeds she will be getting a lot more bloom nutes and I can drop calmag back down.

Also, the NL x Big Bud was thirsty this morning, needing to be fed every 3 days for sure and taking about 2 gallons. This girl got the rest of the same feed left from last time since there's been no issues yet.

Both of these plants will start getting a full flower feeding by the next time they get dry. And then it's on with the PK booster liquid koolbloom! Bring on the buds!
Tagged. Nice looking plants. I watched Dutchman1990 add CalMag on every feed and he had some good results. I've started added CalMag (3-5 tsp) consistently to my feeds and waterings. Evidently it's very common and necessary with LED lighting.
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