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  1. R

    What do y'all think about it?

    please help
  2. C

    Blood Orange

    week 9 day 4 first time grower what do yall think
  3. Ty Palmer

    Sand hash in VapeXhale

    I like to sprinkle a little hash on flower while using the basket. Just curious what temperature setting y'all might use for that approach? Are you getting a full experience at the 12 o'clock dial position?
  4. Scrogdawg

    Question regarding cloning?

    When is the right time to take clones and what is the process? Iffin ya'll don't mind sharing with a rookie please....
  5. C

    Sick looking plant browning tips and droopy leaves - Should I kill it?

    Hi im a new grower on my first grow ever of some unkowns in 3 gallon smart pots under a 400watt hid set up with the temps and humidity at the golden standard i recently have amped up the cold air and drop the temp since i moved to flowering do to the hot hps between 70f to 85f. i am about to be...